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AALIYAH DANA HAUGHTON was 15 when she married R Kelly

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I wasn't aware of this fact until now. I thought it was just some bad mouths mocking her jailbait looks but she was really 15 when she married R Kelly. She's always looked mature compared to some of my friends who are 23 but look a bit younger. And it's rumored that she was knocked up by him at the same age. https://bossip.com/388121/true-or-false-was-aaliyah-knocked-up-by-the-pied-piper-of-rampb-when-she-was-only-15-years-old30346/


She lied about her birth year (her real one is 1979 and she claimed she was 18 in 1994) 


Thoughts about this interesting fact?

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