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Why was Poker Face a bigger hit than Bad Romance?

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Granted, both were huge hits. But Poker Face was a much bigger hit, why? Even in countries where both reached #1, Poker Face had a much stronger peak (Ex: Germany - Poker Face had 17 weeks in the TOP 2 (13 weeks at #1), while Bad Romance had 17 weeks in the TOP 20 (1 week at #1), Austria - Poker Face had #1 for 12 weeks and 16 weeks in the top 2, while Bad Romance had #1 for 7 weeks and 17 weeks in the top 20).

Australia #1(8) vs. #2
Austria #1 (12) vs. #1 (7)
Canada #1 (9) vs. #1 (5)
Germany #1 (13) vs. #1 (1)
New Zealand #1 (10) vs. #2 
US #1 (1) vs. #2 


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