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CREATE A LABEL: SEASON 4 | Discussion Thread

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10 minutes ago, Avalanche said:

I got a question.. Do you guys liked the Global Charts? With VEVO / Twitter updates etc. If so, let me know!

Personally, I don't see a point in having the twitter updates thing. I get if you wanna update us with the biggest headlines or whatever but the followers thing is kinda pointless. I also see the vevo charts as pointless tbh, but that's just me.


19 hours ago, Nicki Minaj said:

Serious question: Do you guys often check the streaming charts or is it just ... there ... for when you need it? :wendyw:

To be completely honest, I just look at the official singles/albums charts. And maybe occasionally I'll look at the radio charts.

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Just now, Bianca Del Rio said:

Posted Cameron's first magazine! Did i get a boner by editing the b&w pictures? Maybe, but you'll never know :cm:

Drag Race is finally coming to an end and i'll finally be able to come back in my usual rhythm on CAL :celebrabel:

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THANK GOD :hilaryk: 


I saw the Cameron Dallas logo and I’ve never clicked like so fast! I loved the magazine! I’m SO excited for what you’re gonna do with him!!

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omg cant believe olly got another #1 from Identity :deadbanana: I am so happy:cry::cry:   
I have been lacking on promo since after friday so it will free fall but i am so shook it got to #1 :cry:
I will be sending him off on tour soon so this is a nice way to start that!!! 


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