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Cardi B on The Voice US


Host: She’s a #1 having female rapper and a 5x nominee for this year’s Twitter Music Awards. Singing her new single “That Thing”, off her upcoming debut album “The Bronx Project”, give it up for CARDI B!


The camera focuses on someone playing the piano. The piano is the color red with a pink microphone laying on top of it. Beyoncé’s vocals for the intro are played as the person is playing.

“Girls you know you'd- better, watch out (Watch out!)
Some guys, some guys are only about (About!)
That thing, that thing, that thing! (Thing!)
That thing, that thing, that thing! (Thing!)
Throw your hands in the air!
Admit two shots in the atmosphere!”


Cardi appears and makes her way to the piano and picks up the microphone. She begins rapping.

“It's been three weeks since you were looking for your friend
The one you let hit it and never called you again
'Member when he told you he was 'bout the Benjamins?
You act like you ain't hear him, then give him a little trim
To begin, how you think you're really gon' pretend
Like you 
wasn't down and you called him again?”


She begins slowly but fiercely walking her way to the middle of the stage while still rapping.

“Men messed up and you still defending 'em
Now, Cardi is only human
Don't think I haven't been through the same predicament
Let it sit inside your head like a million women in Philly, Penn
It's silly when girls sell their souls because it's in
Look at where you be in, hair weaves like Europeans
Fake nails 
done by Koreans”


She arrives on at the center stage just as Beyoncé’s chorus begins. Behind Cardi, there are 4 female background dancers all lined up, and a live band. Beyoncé’s vocal track plays through the speaker as Cardi freely moves to the song as the dancers do choreography.

 “Guys you know you'd better, watch out (Watch out!)
Some girls, some girls are only, about (About!)
That thing, that thing, that thing! (Thing!)
That thing, that thing, that thing! (Thing!)”


Once the chorus is done, Cardi starts rapping her next verse. She looks to the camera and energetically beings the verse. As she says the last line she rolls her eyes and puts emphasis on “hate men”.

“Let's stop pretend, the ones that pack pistols by they waist men
Cristal by the case men, still in 
they mother's basement
The pretty face men claiming that they did a bid men
Need to take care of they three or four kids
And they face a court case when the child support late
Money taking and 
heart breaking
, now you wonder why women hate men”



Cardi says the next line with a lot of sass in her voice. As if she is directly speaking to someone. You can tell she is feeling the song.

“How you gonna win when you ain't right within?
How you gonna win when you ain't right within?
How you gonna win when you ain't right within?
Uh, uh come again!
Yo, yo, come again!
The brethren come again! 
The sistren come again!”

For the last chorus, Cardi joins her background dancers in choreography. It includes Cardi standing in the middle while they are around her and they do a routine of lifting their hands in the air, pushing them to the side and moving forward as the vocals of Beyoncé play.

“Girls you know you'd better, watch out (Watch out!)
Some guys, some guys are only about (About!)
That thing, that thing, that thing! (Thing!)
That thing, that thing, that thing! (Thing!)
Guys you know you'd better, watch out (Watch out!)
Some girls, some girls are only, about (About!)
That thing, that thing, that thing! (Thing!)
That thing, that thing, that thing! (Thing!”



Host: Cardi B everyone! “That Thing” is out now and make sure to pre-order “The Bronx Project”!



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Olly Alexander on Angie Martinez Show

Olly called in to the Angie Martinez show to talk about his busy schedule, and his opinions on the Twitter Awards 

Image result for angie martinez show

Welcome back to the show. Right now we have Olly Alexander on the other line! Welcome Olly!


How are you? What are you doing.

 Well I am in my hotel at the moment. I just landed in New York last night. I have some more promotion to do today, but right now I am relaxing in my hotel watching Rupaul's Drag Race!

Well that sounds exciting! You have a busy week don't you.

Yes! I have the Swagger Jacker music video coming, the Twitter awards, and something exciting coming Friday!

Wow you never stop! Let's talk about the Twitter awards. You have the most nominations out of everyone with 13!! How does that feel?

It is an honour, especially since this is the first award ceremony! My fans have been so nice and gracious by tweeting my hashtags. I am really excited to see how this ceremony turns out, but it seems like it is gonna be a good show! I can't wait because i have something epic planned for the performance! I think people are going to freak, and it will be a moment in pop culture for sure!

It seems they are pushing for controversy. They have a lot of awards for controversial artists and songs. Why do you think that is?

Well it's definitely smart! People love controversy, especially witnessing it. But I think it's also because twitter is used to keep up with pop culture and gossip or celeb news. The trending function speaks for itself. So it would only make sense for them to give out controversy related awards. I know I enjoy when major news breaks out, and the first place I check is Twitter! So they aren't doing it to lure in the ratings. It comes with the territory.

Well are you gonna take part in the controversy? Swagger Jacker seems a bit aggressive.

No! i don't do things to get negative attention on purpose. If i do something that will cause an uproar, it usually has a message behind it or a greater meaning. I love to put on big shows and big productions, but I don't try and be controversial for the sake of headlines. If I'm going to be memorable, it should be for my art and not for some stupid antics.

Do you think there are people that do that still?

Yes of course. They just want the attention. It must be a cover up for their lack of talent or the fact their music isn't that good. 

Well Olly, it was nice chatting with you!

Yes it was a pleasure! 

 Swagger Jacker by Olly Alexander is available everywhere for purchase and stream. You can pre-order Identity, and watch out for Olly at the Twitter Awards. Follow him on Twitter and use his hashtags to vote for him in all his categories! Olly will you do the honors?

I'm Olly Alexander on the Angie Martinez Show, and your listening to my latest single Swagger Jacker!

Swagger Jacker plays on the radio


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Related image


Mariah Carey revisits the Real to discuss Vision of Love success, tea on Debut Album and label.

On the 13th of March. Mariah Carey visited The Real. Spotted by paparazzi, Mariah is seen weaning a beautiful red outfit with her hair slicked back. The Real host announces that Mariah Carey will be joining them and introduces her 'Now with the second biggest song in the United States, Mariah Carey!'. Mariah comes in and the host started the interview 


On 'Vision of Love Success'

Mariah: The success and response have been great, i am grateful that people loved the song. Its the second biggest song on the country and i couldn't be more happier. I really didn't do it for charting or so, we just released it and booked few shows. We never had this in mind. But when we saw the debut, we wanted to see how far it can go and it's in the top 2. We were definitely happy, it is a huge achievement after all.

On 'Debut Album'

Mariah: The debut album is coming perfectly together, we actually are finalizing it. Life is full of surprises you never know when the announcement hits you. The label calls my manager and tell us a release date. It literally surprises us too. But i am so happy with it and i hope the public love it too.


On 'Label'

Mariah: The label been really great to me, they gave me free control to create my album. I written almost everything you see there, so when you listen to it. It is Mariah, and Mariah. And other than the album they been really supportive of me and our plans, we actually had our meeting last week for my TCAs Performance. Im really excited for it!


Host: Thank you so much for joining us today, hope you enjoyed our company!
Host: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mariah Carey!


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Dinah Jane visits Wild 94.9 Radio Station to talk about Going Solo, Fifth Harmony breakup and upcoming releases!

On the morning of 13th of March, Dinah Jane visited Wild 94.9 Radio Station in her hometown. The Bay Area to promote her new single and talk about her past with Fifth Harmony. Seen by paparazzi wearing a beautiful black leather jacket with her hair down entering the main gate of the station. The radio host Introduces Dinah into the set and welcomes her. Dinah greets back and sits down to start the interview. 


On 'Going Solo'

Dinah: Its a new start, it really is! Ive been performing with those girls almost all of my life and to perform alone it is kind of something new to me. Like i look to my left and i start questioning where is Ally, where is Lauren and Normani. It's still flashing back *laughs*. Its something new and i have to endorse it, i kind of it grasped it in the back of my head when we broke up. 


 On 'Fifth Harmony breakup'

Dinah:  It was something, i mean it all ended in good terms we still talk to each other. You know, reminiscing about the good times. It truly was sisterhood, we created something together. Work From Home was huge and Down was the most tweeted song of the year, i mean Comon!. Us 5 girls, Camila, Lauren, Normani, Ally and Me we really created new rules and broke down barriers for girl groups. It's sad because girl groups are expected to do everything and Men get everything handed to them.


On 'Upcoming Releases'

Dinah:  I am working on the promotion runs for Double Vision, i am trying my best to deliver my best honestly. The album is in the works since i know that what everyone cares about *she laughs*. But yeah, i am in the studio. Late nights too. We are still in the early process to be honest. Im going to be working hard for the upcoming week on it since we got the song writers coming in. One you can expect is Mariah Carey. She is an icon. Her songwriting is just amazing, Have you heard Vision of Love? It's just great.


Host: Thank you so much Dinah for joining us today!

Dinah: Hey! It's Dinah Jane and you are listening to my new single Double Vision!

*Interview Ends*



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Tinashe on Kiss 92.5


Tinashe called into the Canadian radio station Kiss 92.5 this afternoon to promote her album DUSK and the track Sacrifices.

Host: On the phones today, we have the one and only Tinashe!
Tinashe: Heyy, how are you doing?
Host: I'm amazing now that you're here! We've been playing your song Sacrifices non-stop since it came out. We wish we could play the entire album every day but that's the one on heavy rotation. Why did you choose this song as a single over the others?
Tinashe: I thought it was definitely a highlight of the record because it's sexy and dark, like much of the album, but it's also catchy and something you can dance to. I also imagined so many great performances in terms of choreo that would've gone along with this song and you guys can physically see how right I was about that! :tinashewink:
Host: Speaking of which, you'll be making your way to Canada very soon! Well, not very soon but in a few months.
Tinashe: Yes, the date I'm visiting Toronto is June the 23rd and I'm also going to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.
Host: There are a few big cities you're missing out on like Montreal, Ottawa and even Regina. Will you possibly be adding any extra shows in these cities?
Tinashe: As long as the demand is high, we may be adding some extra shows. I would love to go to Montreal but I know the arena over there is huuugge so I've gotta know they really want it. For right now though, it's just the four so I'm hoping my fans are able to go to their closest city.
Host: Well, your management has invited us to go to the Air Canada Centre to see you but the people can also buy tickets this Friday at midnight or they can pay attention to the morning show each weekday next week and win some tickets!
Tinashe: Yes, there's something I love so much about people winning concert tickets on the radio. It's always amusing to listen to.
Host: Well, that's exactly what we're doing next week because everyone should get a chance to see Tinashe live.
Tinashe: Definitely. It's a once in a lifetime experience!
Host: Anyway, we've gotta congratulate you because your song Touch Pass just got certified double platinum over here and Sacrifices is already gold. Just gotta remind you how much love you're getting over here.
Tinashe: Thank you! I always enjoy coming to Canada. I feel like the people there are so much calmer than they are in the states. I'd understand considering you aren't dealing with the administration running our country right now.
Host: *bursts into laughter* Oh, that's brilliant! Anyway, you've worked with our very own Drake in the past. He's from Toronto but I've gotta ask you if you have any collaborations with other Canadian artists coming up in the future?
Tinashe: Oh, that's a great question. I don't have any planned right now but I'd love to. Who should I work with?
Host: You could definitely do something with the Biebz. He worked with SZA on this last album so I'm sure a Tinashe collaboration is on his list.
Tinashe: That would actually be really interesting!
Host: What about someone like Shania Twain? She just announced she's working on a new album.
Tinashe: That would actually be so interesting. I would love to! I feel like we could make a huge girl power anthem together.
Host: Yes, and she can bring that country feel to it and you can add your R&B vibe.
Tinashe: Definitely. This sounds so weird but it honestly seems like it could work. She should hit me up!
Host: Well, if it comes out, just know we've gotta get some royalties.
Tinashe: Definitely. I won't leave you in the cold for coming up with that.
Host: Anyway, right before you go, I wanna play a game of F, marry, kill with you.
Tinashe: Ooh, okay. This should be interesting.
Host: I'll start off with people and then get a bit more creative! F, marry, kill: Zayn, Justin Bieber and Drake.
Tinashe: Oh, gosh. I'd definitely get down with Zayn. He's super cute and we've worked together before ... um ... I guess I'd marry Drake and kill Bieber .. ONLY BECAUSE I DON'T REALLY KNOW HIM THOUGH
Host: Oh, girl. You don't want them Beliebers on you.
Tinashe: No, I certainly do not!
Host: Okay, next up, Miranda Sings, Fergie and Britney Spears.
Tinashe: Marry Britney Spears. There's no way I would pass up the chance to marry my idol! I'd definitely get down with Fergie and Miranda's getting the boot.
Host: Next up is Dusk, Creation and Aquarius.
Tinashe: OH MY GOSH! Actually, I'd f Dusk, my brand new album you can buy right now :tinashewink:, because it's really sexy and flirty. I'd have to marry my debut album Aquarius because I love it and kill Creation. I'd only have to kill Creation because the process of making it and releasing it was really stressful so that one has to get the boot.
Host: And, finally, Big Sean, Kelela and ASAP Rocky, the features on your album.
Tinashe: Oh god. I don't know .. uh .. I guess I'd marry Kelela because marrying a rapper sounds like a bad idea .. Jhene would kill me if I said I'd f Sean so I'd have to kill him and marry Rocky.
Host: There we go! The wonderful Tinashe, everybody! We're just about to play your new single. Would you like to announce it?
Tinashe: Sure! I'm Tinashe and this is my brand new single Sacrifices on Kiss 92.5!

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Miley Cyrus on The Voice Australia!
Performs "Wrecking Ball"


Miley: Here to perform her smash hit single "Wrecking Ball", give it up for Miley Cyrus!


As the instrumental for the song starts, we can see Miley Cyrus in her clothes, standing behind the microphone stand, standing in the part of the stage where the names of the coaches are being seen once they push the button in the blind auditions. She stands very calm as she begins.


"We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain / We jumped, never asking why / We kissed, I fell under your spell / A love no one could deny / Don't you ever say I just walked away / I will always want you / I can't live a lie, running for my life / I will always want you"

As she goes in for the chorus, she puts some more action to the performance.
Grabbing her microphone off the stand, and walking around the judges part, once she starts the second verse, she stands behind Delta Goodrem who's a judge on the show.

"I put you high up in the sky / And now, you're not coming down / It slowly turned, you let me burn / And now, we're ashes on the ground"

As Miley walks back, Delta is smiling, showing the audience in the studio and at home she adores Miley and her voice.


Once she's back with her stand, she plugs the mic back in and sings further.

"I came in like a wrecking ball / I never hit so hard in love / All I wanted was to break your walls / All you ever did was wreck me / Yeah you, you wreck me"


"I came in like a wrecking ball / I just closed my eyes and swung / Left me crashing in a blazing fall / All you ever did was wreck me / Yeah, you wreck me"

As she goes in for the bridge, she turns her voice a little down, and focus on her raw voice.

"I never meant to start a war / I just wanted you to let me in / And instead of using force / I guess I should've let you win / I never meant to start a war / I just wanted you to let me in / I guess I should've let you win"

Once she goes in for the first & second chorus, she shows some pure raw and hard vocals, nailing all of them, and it sounds so good, that the judges & audience are shook, and the whole studio is silenced once Miley sings.


"I came in like a wrecking ball / I never hit so hard in love / All I wanted was to break your walls / All you ever did was wreck me / Yeah you, you wreck me / I came in like a wrecking ball / I just closed my eyes and swung / Left me crashing in a blazing fall / All you ever did was wreck me / Yeah, you wreck me"

Once the performance ends, Miley is receiving an standing ovation, and the camera shows the judges, who are standing up from their chairs, clapping for Miley!


Miley: Thank you!
Host: Miley Cyrus everyone! How are you?
Miley: I'm soo good! Busy, busy!
Host: Well, that was your single, "Wrecking Ball", it's out now!
Miley: Yeah, go stream it! I love all of you australian smilers! *Does a heart figure with her hands*
Host: Well, "Wrecking Ball" is available NOW, go buy & stream, and don't forget to vote for Miley at the TMAs using the hashtags you'll see right now in your lower screen! We will be right back after the break!


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Miranda Sings on Real 92.3 -Los Angeles

Talks about having no features on her album, writing all her music, plans for Twitter Awards performance

Image result for Real 92.3

Miranda Sings stopped the Los Angeles rap radio station to promote her songs I'm Sorry and Milk. 

The dj played I'm Sorry, and as the song ended, the interview started

 Hello hello hello! That was I'm Sorry by the hottest female rapper right now! In fact, she is in the studio with us right now! Please welcome Miranda Sings!

 Hello. Thank you.

Hello Miranda how are you.

I'm ok I suppose. I just had Taco Bell and they gave me free nachos supreme. So bonus for me! 

Not too bad, sounds like a great day! I know you have been super busy working with got Milk, promoting your song Milk, you just released I'm Sorry, and you have an album called Loose Lips coming! What is that like!

Well it's true that I am busy. I am a one woman act. I do it ALL on my own. I write my songs all by myself. I work with the same producer, and that's it. I don't have 10 million people work for me like most popstars. If i did then it wouldn't be my artwork, now would it?

So you write every thing by yourself?

Yep! No ghost writers or no team. I write lyrics on napkins, my diary, my wall, my moms work papers, whatever. If I have an idea, the I write it on whatever I see.

Well since you take pride in doing everything solo, are you collabing with anyone on your album?

 Nope! Why would I do that. This is my album, so it will only be me on it. I don't need other people to make it better. My fans want to hear me only. Plus I don't want cussing on my album!

I can respect that. Now the Twitter awards are coming up. You usually have odd performances that make headlines. What do you have planned?

Well this performance will be just as buzzworthy as the others, that's for sure. I will definitely make a statement. It will be something a bit different. So don't say I didn't warn you!

Well we will all be tuning in. Miranda, congrats on your success and good luck at the awards! Everyone go buy Milk and pre-order Loose Lips. Follow Miranda on Twitter and use her hashtags to vote for her at the Twitter Awards! Miranda sign us off!

Hey hello. I'm Miranda Sings as you're listening to Milk!

Milk plays on the radio.

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Olly Alexander on Live with Kelly and Ryan

Talks about writing a new song for his album, his bold fashion choices, almost giving up Swagger Jacker,  and performs Swagger Jacker

Image result for live with kelly and ryan

Olly on writing a new song for his album

Well I just wrote a new song! It came out of nowhere. I know the album is coming out in April, so it seems too close to be adding new songs! But the concept popped into my head the other day, and I just had to start writing it down. Then more and more ideas came, and next thing I know, I had a song! It fits in perfectly with the narrative of Identity, so I will add it to the tracklist! I don't know if anymore songs will be added hahaha It seems that songs just find me. Like I can't sit down and say "Ok you are gonna write a song". Like that just doesn't work. I'm not capable of working that way. Usually songs just come into my head and it is a more patient process. 

Olly on his bold fashion looks

Ok I will admit some have been hot and some have been not! I mean at the time I think they are good looks, but when I look back at it, I instantly regret it! For example, when I would wear colorful bomber jackets, pants that dont match, and a shirt that is tacky! It looks like an explosion of patterns that don't go together! But other than that, I feel I have had some looks that I would love to wear again! I love pink, and I have worn lots of pink outfits in the past. I also love being extra. Like one time I wore this bird-like outfit with rainbow wings! It was so fun to perform in cuz I just flapped the fringe around and I felt like a phoenix. I have a fun outfit prepared for the Twitter Awards! I love to wear something crazy on the red carpet!

Olly on almost giving up Swagger Jacker

Yep! I was almost gonna give Swagger Jacker to another artist. I was writing it, and I felt it "wasn't me". Like it felt like the song was suited for someone else. I thought it was too blunt for my style. But then I thought about it more, and I realized that maybe I was too scared to sing it? Like maybe I didn't have the confidence that the song lyrics exude. So I put it off to the side a bit, and thought I could either sell it to someone, scrap it all together, or own it and record it! After releasing Limitless, I gained so much more confidence, so I decided I would keep it! I realized it was a fun song, and that I don't always have to make serious songs with a big message. Pop music can be fun ad sexy at times, so why not make fun songs!




Image result for olly alexander singing

Image result for gold converse

Olly was wearing a mesh see-through shirt whith a white tanktop underneath. He wore simple black athletic pants, because he needed something to move in and his gold "King" Converse :tehe: 

As you can see, Olly was all smiles! The studio had a small stage, so he couldn't do anything too crazy or flashy, but he worked with what he had! 

Olly had some backup singers that were in charge of singing the "yeah you wanna be like me" parts.

Behind Olly was a screen that would change colors and pulse with the beat of the song. 

Image result for colored neon gif

It looked like infrared lights that measure temperature, so when the song got to the chorus, or when it "heated up", it would go from orange to red! Indicating that it's hot :tehe: 

Kelly and Ryan were seen dancing and singing along to the song.

At one point, Olly went up to a lady in the auidence and grabbed her by the hand. He started dancing with her as she looked shocked and giggly. She ended up totally feeling the moment and started twerking as he sang :tehe: 

Olly looked really surprised and had to hold back some laughter. He hugged the lady and went back to the stage, still smiling from pure joy.

The rest of the performance was a slay as always. Olly's silhouette was outlined from the colors on screen, giving a cool visual. It followed his every move as he danced.

He finished the performance with a big bang, as the beat heated up. The screen flashed some flames, showing that he burned th house down! :tehe: 

Kelly: That was hot!! Olly Alexander everyone! Swagger Jacker is out now so go buy and stream it, and pre order Identity! 

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Cardi B on Mouv' (France)


Cardi B called into the radio station from Los Angeles.


After Cardi B had just finished performing “That Thing” on The Voice, she called into France’s Mouv' radio station for an interview. The successful rapper talked about the writing process of her debut album, The Bronx Project, and “I busted my ass in the studio writing the songs. I was always thinking about potential songs in my head. I would be in the bathroom, then I would think of a concept, then rush to write it down. Everyday, I would fill a page full of songs!”, responded Cardi B when asked about how her writing process was, “I probably wrote more than 40 songs for the album. And only 16 songs, including the deluxe version, made the tracklist. I know, it’s crazy! I don’t know what I’ll do with all those leftover tracks. I’ll see what I decide to do...”

Next, the host asked Cardi about her upcoming performance at the Twitter Music Awards. Cardi said: “I will obviously be performing “That Thing”. I started rehearsals yesterday actually. I sat down with my creative team and we wanted to create a performance with structure and a cool stage. The one we came up with is f*cking awesome! It gives a strong vibe which will be similar to the video of the song  .”, Cardi B continued to talk, “I will be performing with Beyonce. So you can expect perfect, flawless vocals from her as usual. It’s amazing because she’s a great performer, like the best I have ever seen, so to perform with her is an amazing treat! It will be a great performance, you can count on it!”.


As usual, the DJ host thanked Cardi B for appearing at the radio station and told the audience that her new single “That Thing” is available for purchase and streaming everywhere now, and to pre-order her upcoming debut album, The Bronx Project, now!





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WHERE: Atlanta, Georgia

WHEN: March 13, 2018

VENUE: Phillips Arena

CROWD: 13,504 [SOLD OUT]

SHOW: 2/54


After opening the tour in Miami this past Saturday, the Ocean Wave Avenue Tour has been met with critical acclaim as well as acclaim from his fans and peers in the music industry. The show went off without a hitch, earning jaw dropping responses from the people in the crowd. Anticipation only went up for the second show of the tour which took place this evening in Atlanta. Just like the first show, there were plenty of cool moments to mention.




As with the Miami show, fans began arriving hours before the doors to the arena were set to open. The lines began forming so early that venue security was called on hand to arrive early as well. Soon, Shawn's music was being played on loud speakers, fans waiting outside the arena singing along. When Shawn came on in the arena for soundcheck, everyone went dead silent, listening to him work his way through the songs for his rehearsal. After he finished, the crowd cheered like they were in the arena with him. When the doors to the arena opened, fans quickly made their way inside. The merchandise booths quickly filled up and fans were heading to their seats in their new Shawn clothes. 




It's no secret that Shawn absolutely loves kids and he met a really special kid in Atlanta. 7-year old Mason's dream was to meet Shawn. His mother and father managed to get VIP tickets to meet Shawn. Shawn was made aware by his team that Mason's 7th birthday was a week prior to the meet and greet. Shawn had in plan. When Mason came back to meet Shawn, Shawn got down on his knee and Mason ran to give him a hug. They hugged and talked for a little bit. Shawn brought up Mason's recent birthday. First, Shawn sang Mason happy birthday before presenting him with an autographed guitar strap. Shawn told Mason "this is the guitar strap that I used on my guitars in the studio making my album." Mason's eyes grew wide and he promised Shawn that he'd take good care of it. 




Shortly before the show is set to begin, Shawn and his band gather backstage and stand in a circle. They go around the circle saying the things that they're grateful for before putting their hands in, counting to three, and popping to "ATLANTA". The band goes ahead side stage while Shawn remains behind for a moment. Shawn was filmed doing some final vocal warm ups by the documentary crew. Shawn then heads to his under stage area. Tonight, Shawn FaceTime'd his sister Aaliyah and the two of them talked for a couple of minutes before saying they love each other. Shawn then kissed his photo of Nick that he keeps on his mirror. Shawn then heads to his position behind the staircase up onto the stage. Tonight, Shawn was joined behind the screen with an old friend of his. The two did a cool handshake before Shawn headed out onto the stage.



 "Atlanta how are you feeling tonight?! You guys look absolutely amazing tonight and you sound absolutely amazing tonight! This is a show that's all about us. It's about me, it's about the band, it's about the crew, it's about you. This whole thing is ours to do together and I'm so glad that we get to share this time together. Tonight, I want to hear you all singing, seeing you dance. Let's make tonight one of the best nights of our lives. Are you with me?!"



Between "Oasis" and "Miracle", Shawn did a special performance.

"Alright Atlanta. Tonight I want to do something special. There's a song that's been in my head a lot lately. This song comes from a woman that's become one of my closest friends. Not only is she a jaw dropping artist, she's a once in a lifetime kind of person. This song is by one of the biggest artists working today...ARMANI! This is her latest masterpiece. It's called Sacrifices."

The audience cheers loudly. Shawn begins strumming the chords to the song and enters into the first verse. On the screen behind him, a large message is displayed behind Shawn:



As Shawn brings it into the chorus, images of Haitian citizens are shown on the screen with the Hope For Haiti website link still present. After the song concludes, Shawn says "There's hope for Haiti. Be that hope. Be that change. Be that voice."



Every show, Shawn seeks to make a fans night and have a cool moment with them. Tonight, Shawn took notice of a young man in the crowd. "Alright, you guys have given me some amazing energy tonight but this guy right down here has been dancing his ass off, singing every word. Having the time of his life. Come up to the barrier here, dude."

Shawn and the fan talked:

Shawn: "What's your name?"

Josiah: "Josiah!"

Shawn: "I've been seeing how much fun you've been having tonight and I love it! You're keeping a smile on your whole sections face!"

Josiah: "Well I love you so I'm having the time of my life tonight!"

Shawn: "That's great to hear! I got something for you hang on."

Shawn took the taped set list of the stage floor. He borrows a pen from one of the security guards, and signs the set list and hands it down to him. 

Shawn: "Can we take a photo on your phone and then have you post it on Instagram or Twitter and tag me so I can get it?"

Shawn and Josiah take a selfie and Shawn high fives him and gets back on with the show. 








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The Queen of Pop wrapped up her FREAKSHOW WORLD TOUR on Saturday but it appears that she is wasting no time getting back into the groove. Madonna was photographed leaving Strawberry Fields Studios, the same studio where she recorded her previous album All These Things I've Done. The album was seen by many as a bridge album, combining the sound of her preceding album with a short turn to what music she could possibly be heading toward next. Madonna is known to change her sound with each record. 

No one can guess where Madonna is going to go next, but many seem to believe that she's about to release one of her landmark records. The old saying goes that Madonna will release at least critically acclaimed best selling album per decade of her career and that has yet to happen in the in 10's. The word on the street is . that Madonna has enlisted the help of some of the hottest producers and artists in the game right now. There's good reason to be excited. Madonna rarely disappoints. 

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Miley Cyrus on Hot 97 Morning Show
Talks the TMAs airing this Saturday, growin her hair back & more.


Host: We've got Miley Cyrus right here on the phone, as she is in Inglewood right now rehearsing for the TMAs!
Miley: Goodmorning haha!
Host: Hey Miley, how are the rehearsals going?
Miley: Pretty good actually, we've been rehearsing non-stop, not only the hosting part but also my performance, it's going to be something!
Host: Ooh, you got any hints?
Miley: You've got to wait till Saturday, I don't want to give anything away, since I'm really working hard on this performance and giving it a meaning.
Host: Well, we can't wait. This is your first award show you're hosting right?
Miley: That's correct, I couldn't be more excited, I'm not so long in the business yet, so I'm really grateful I got the opportunity to do this! 
Host: Well, we, at Hot 97, believe you will do a great job hosting!
Miley: Awh, thank you so much!
Host: Also Miley, I saw your performances lately, and I'm so in love with your hair!
Miley: Thank you so much, I just thought and said to myself, why not grow it? It's something you need to be dedicated too, and I just went for it, I'm growing it now for a month and a half and it's already growing so long, and I'm happy with it. More hairstyles to do for my stylists, haha!
Host: Well, that's true! How's the single going?
Miley: It's going so great, I heard it was in the Top 10 of the Hot 100, so I'm grateful, and for every Smiler and supporter listening right now, I want to say to you  that I respect, adore and love you and thank you for sticking by me from the beginning, I love all of you, piece by piece.
Host: Also, Miley. Rumors are surfacing the internet you're releasing your sophomore album in the summer?
Miley: Wow, the news really went quickly, but no. It's coming this year, but I can't say when, it could be next week, next month, end of the year or even within months, but I can't say, you have to be patient.
Host: Well, we will be bopping to your Bangerz album for now then!
Miley: Glad to hear, haha!
Host: Well, Miley. Thank you for this quick interview, we'll leave you to rehearsing for the TMAs, we'll see you saturday on our screens!
Miley: Thank you! Can't wait!
Host: That was Miley Cyrus everyone, and here's her new single, "Wrecking Ball", available now everywhere, and don't forget to vote for Miley in her SIX categories she's nominated for!

*Wrecking Ball plays*

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Related image


Mariah Carey goes back to MTV's TRL to talk about her Vision of Love Music Video, life after Vision of Love and dealing with fame.

On the 13th of March, Mariah Carey revisited TRL right after the real. Seen by paparazzi wearing a beautiful long dress with her hair slicked back.


On 'Vision of Love Music Video'

Mariah: The Music Video was fun to shoot, i debuted a snippet here! It was amazing. I liked it and the public also liked with me as well! We actually shot one that was scrapped, am i gonna release that one? I have no clue. We still have it, it's not a music video that is the same as this but i can say that the current one that we have, the one that is out now is way watchable and enjoyable. Who knows honestly, we can drop it at any time but that is depending on the Label after all!


On 'Debut Album'

Mariah: The Debut Album is coming. I am enjoying every track that is on there, it is Mariah and Mariah only. So no, no features are on there as much as i love my other girls and boys. It's really good. Is it coming soon? yes, i can't say more but i can say that it is around the horizon *Mariah laughs*


On 'Life after Vision of Love'

Mariah: Life after Vision of Love been quite difficult, now i got paparazzi following me. Especially when i enter to get interviewed! I am trying my best to make the best of it tho because you never know when it all goes away. Im trying to be happy as much as possible. I can't let Fame get to my head because that can hurt your song writing skills in general. I mean my songwriting is yet to be affected by the media, let us be honest. It will happen someday but im trying my best so it doesn't get the best of me!


Host: Thank you so much for joining us today

Mariah: No problem i had so much fun!

Host: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mariah Carey with Vision of Love!


Mariah performs Vision of Love


Mariah starts the performance by sitting on a stool with piano playing behind her. She start singing the lyrics with her choir in the back. Then Mariah turn around after the second chorus to face the other direction while pulling notes effortlessly 



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Bildergebnis für capital fm

Delta Goodrem at Capital FM (UK)

Delta Goodrem stepped by Capital FM to make a big announcement.

Bildergebnis für delta goodrem

We're now live with the amazing Delta Goodrem from Australia!

Delta: Hey everyone, so nice to be here!

Host: We've been playing your new single "Feline" on our station a lot, congratulations! Have you been able to get feedback on your song so far?

Delta: Oh sure, I have! The reception has been overwhelming and I'm really glad to see that most of y'all like it. I actually have a little surprise for you guys..

So you know that I've been posting some teasers on my social media..



Delta: Today, I can finally tell you what it's all about.


Delta: The next song from my forthcoming album Wings of the Wild is out this Friday and it's called Wings! yey!

Host: That's so exciting to get the news first on Capital FM! We'll make sure to play it on our station the minute it's released! *laughs*

Delta: Really, thank you for your support. It means the world to me that you keep playing me new song and I hope that this next teaser from my album will get you even more excited! The album's already out in a bit more than two weeks, it's all so exciting!

Host: You're exactly right. Now the tour is also happening really soon and we're so delighted to see that you'll be touring in the UK as well. Tell us more about it!

Delta: Well, you know I'm having my beautiful friend Anne-Marie on tour in Europe. It's something truly special to have someone out there with you that you can call a friend. Her new song Heavy is amazing, just saying!

Host: Anne's a great person for sure! We're so excited to hear your new song on Friday and for sure for the album as well! Thank you for being with us today, Delta!



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