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Carly Rae Jepsen performs on SNL.

After her release yesterday of “Christmas”, her latest EP and lead single “Last Christmas”, the singer went on to SNL to perform “Last Christmas” and songs from her album.

On her first slot, she performed “Last Christmas”.

The stage was decorated with ribbons of green and red. Carly is wearing a shirt that’s half red and half green with patterns relating to Christmas. She’s also wearing a red skirt.

Minimal choreography was done with much focus to the song. Carly was playing the keyboard. As she begins the song, the lights were minimal and as she progressed with the song, the stage began blasting pink lights.

The stage was in pastel colors. There was also a neon blue rectangle with a neon yellow star, much like the one on her album cover. Large gift boxes were also present that are lit in different neon colors.

She continued with the song as it progressed and even danced with the saxophone player. Aside from this, all of the instruments and the microphone of Carly were all neon colored and are bursting beams of light.

The whole performance was a bit chill and heartwarming. It was simple yet effective in warming the hearts of every viewer across the globe.

Afterwards, the lights quickly dimmed and Carly said “Merry Christmas. I love you all.”

Unlike ordinary performances, Carly’s next performance was scheduled to be the show’s ending instead of the usual skit. On her last slot, she performed a mashup of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and “Jingle Bell Rock”.

Her second song was a lot more upbeat as compared to “Last Christmas”. It was a mashup of both “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and “Jingle Bell Rock”.

For the song, she was wearing a red dress with gloves and boots. As the instrumental of the songs begin, the lights slowly faded to reveal Carly Rae Jepsen in the middle holding a pink microphone. As the song starts getting more upbeat, the lights synchronized with the music showing the whole stage with backup dancers and a band blending in with the Christmas Village set behind. It was also revealed that DNCE was there and joined her in the performance.

Carly was a part of the choreography and did her part as well. As the song reaches its last chorus, snow started falling from the ceiling along with balloons and confettis. The lines of “The 1975” was sung by DNCE and the whole performance was given a disco-pop remix.  

The cast of SNL and the celebrity host joined her in the last chorus and sang and danced alongside Carly and DNCE. The music continued as the host thanks everyone and the credits started rolling. 


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Paradise - Official Lyric Video Release

The official lyric video for Armani's recent single 'Paradise' has officially been released to her VEVO channel ArmaniOnVEVO. 


The lyric video begins with a wide shot of a beach in Haiti, showing people having fun in the water and relaxing on the sand. 


The camera flies over the beach and into a resort, where it flies over a couple relaxing at the end of the pool. The first lyrics show up above them. The lyrics appear in Armani's handwriting and are white. The lyric video follows the couple around Haiti.




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(December 1st)

*Halfway through the show the knocking sound effect happens*

Ellen: Uh Oh… I think we have a surprise visitor… Who could that be?

*Cassie, SZA, and Bryson all walk in*
Ellen: Oh my! It’s Cassie, SZA and Bryson Tiller guys! Hello!

*hugs each of them and they all sit down*

What are you guys doing here?

Bryson: Oh, we were just in the neighborhood.

Ellen: Well while your here do you guys want to perform your latest Holiday single?

All three: Sure!

Ellen: After the break we’ll have a performance by Bryson Tiller, SZA, and Cassie… So don’t change that channel!


SZA struts on stage with one dancer on each side of her dressed as elves and begins to sing her verse.
“I’ve been thinking 'bout some jingle bells/ Snow falling on the window sill/ Santa baby you can pull up here (Yeah)/ Just make sure you got that thing to give (Yeah)
I've been a little naughty but I wanna make it for the bad times/ Baking cookies, know you wanna taste, don't you be shy”

She then begins to do some cute basic choreography with the dancers as she sings the pre-chorus.
“Feelin' good when I'm full of cheer/ I’ve been waiting for them 12 reindeer/ I’m sitting, chilling under the mistletoe/ Lit the tree I know you feel the glow/ Glow, glow, glow, glow


Then Bryson walks out with two sexy Mrs. Clause’s and sings the chorus of the song as they grind up on him.
“Baby Imma stay a little don't you rush we got time/ I wanna take a selfie with you, show the world you're all mine (All mine yeah)
Cause this Christmas, will be the, first time that I tell ya I’m in love with you/ But hold up Baby I got trust issues
I know you want me dashing through the snow, down them chimneys/You know I got plenty/ I just wanna make sure you feel me

Cause this Christmas, will be the, greatest time of your life with me/ I ain't asking for the diamond, cuff links/ I ain't really got a list of expensive things/ I just want you to myself, why did you just leave?/ Baby would you make a little time for me”

Cassie then sexily struts out while singing the bridge and pre- chorus.
“Wrapped tight, bow tie, surprise, what's inside?/ Sweet pine, chestnut, mine?/ Good times, on your sleigh ride

Feelin' good when I'm full of cheer/ I’ve been waiting for your 12 reindeer
I'm sitting, chilling under the mistletoe/Lit the tree I know you feel the glow/ Glow, glow, glow, glow”

Bryson then begins to sing the pre-chorus while the girls and the dancers perform a cute little choreography number until they come together at the end to sing the chorus one last time and pose by the Christmas tree.

This Christmas available everywhere.

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(December 1st)

Jimmy Kimmel: Tonight's performer is a multiplatinum recording artist's whose latest album went #1 in several countries worldwide. Here to perform her latest single, Cassie!


The set is decorated as a street. Cassie then walks out in a dominatrix-type outfit. As she walks onto the stage a guy walks behind her and catcalls her. She then turns around and tells him off. He then says, "Whatever, you're a thot anyways. No man in his right mind is going to wife your ass!" 

Cassie then begins singing.

"So, what am I not 'sposed to have an opinion?/ Should I be quiet just because I'm a woman?
Call me a bitch because I speak what's on my mind/ Guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled
When a female fires back/ Suddenly the target don't know how to act
So he does what any little boy will do/ Making up a few false rumors or two
That for sure is not a man to me/ Slanderin' names for popularity
It's sad you only get your fame through controversy/ But now it's time for me to come and give you more to say"

Cassie and her dancers dressed up as everyday women then get into a very provocative dance routine celebrating their sexuality and admiring their bodies as she sings the hook.

"This is for my girls all around the world/ Who've come across a man who don't respect your worth
Thinkin' all woman should be seen not heard/ So what do we do girls? Shout louder
Lettin' 'em know we're gonna stand our ground/ Lift your hands high and wave them proud
Take a deep breathe and say it loud/ Never can, never will, can't hold us down
Nobody can hold us down, nobody can hold us down
Nobody gonna hold us down, never can, never will"

"Jimmy Kimmel we're gonna switch it up a little... Can't nobody hold us down!"



Cassie and her dancers then go into a high-energy dance break and sings the chorus one last time to finish off the performance.

Can't Hold Us Down available everywhere.






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Shawn Mendes is without question one of, if not the most surprising new artists. Against all odds, Shawn has turned himself into an icon less than a year into his career. Now, Shawn is taking a step toward something new once more. He is going to be releasing a Christmas song! However this is no ordinary Christmas song...it is a timeless John Lennon classic. And the timing is perfect.


John Lennon, perhaps the most iconic Beatle, was murdered on December 8, 1980 at the age of 40 years old. Nine years prior, John released what is now recognized as one of the most iconic Christmas songs ever. With Shawn's desire to release a Christmas song and the anniversary of Lennon's death approaching, Shawn has made a genius choice. 


On December 8th, the 37th anniversary of Lennon's death, Shawn is releasing his cover of the classic Happy Xmas (War Is Over).  

Shawn had this to say about covering the song; "John Lennon has been my favorite of The Beatles ever since I could remember. The 37th anniversary of his death is this year and I wanted to pay tribute to this man by continuing to share his message with the world. John was an advocate for peace and love. In this song, he shared that with a little Christmas twist. I can only hope that this cover continues to spread the word he fought to communicate." 


The song is available for pre-download and pre-save now and is to be officially released on December 8th.


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Armani has kickstarted her career with the recent release of her debut single ‘Paradise’. The 20-year-old, who travelled all the way from Haiti, is gearing up to have a massive first album – and it all starts with the first single. In an effort to promote this single, Armani stopped by KQOD 100.7, a radio station in California, earlier today. Below you can find the interview, so make sure you check it out!


On ‘Paradise’

“Paradise is no doubt a love song. I think I confused a lot of people by saying it made me feel like I was back in Haiti or that it was about my love for my home island. And, while that is an aspect of it, it is definitely about a love between two people. More specifically Paradise is about a relationship on a downward spiral, that I desperately wanted to fix, and I wished for a place where we could just be alone, together and happy. And I guess the place that I think of when I want a feeling of happiness is home. But, the paradise I talk about in the song is any place where I can feel security within a relationship, where there’s no fighting and we’re just relaxing with the knowledge that we are safe with eachother.”


On favourite releases

“I am SO in love with Ariana’s new single ‘World Without Your Love’ right now. That deep house drop honestly came out of nowhere and I still haven’t recovered! And I think the song is super relatable too, because we’ve all been in a relationship that we can’t picture ourselves without. I’m also loving Nick Jonas’ ‘Find You’. Once again, I think the production on my chorus has to be my favourite part of the song. It’s got that laidback feeling I love to vibe to with any music. And how could I forget Shania’s ‘All In All”! Even though I haven’t given her album a listen yet, I’m loving the way she fused country with a tropical pop sound on the single. I do love everything with that tropical chill vibe, but this single just has such a nice vibe to it and I can’t help but love it even more.”


On what’s next for ‘Paradise’

“Well I’m on a little radio tour across the country now to promote ‘Paradise’, and I’ll probably keep doing that for the next few days. And getting to go across a country I’m not too familiar with, even if it’s for ‘work’, has been so amazing because I’m really getting to see what the US has to offer. So I guess I really am working hard and playing hard! I’ll be doing some more raido interviews in Florida for the next couple days, and then on Tuesday I’m having my first televised interview and performance on the Ellen Show! So I’m so pumped to really have my music reach a broader audience and for America to really get to know me! I’ve also been working hard on a remix or two for Paradise, and I can’t wait for everyone to see who I’m working with on those. Let’s just say the bridge of ‘Paradise’ is a little hint into that. Of course, I’ve still got a music video to be released, which while you’re waiting for you can go check out the lyric video! Then once we’ve done all this, I guess we can see how the song is going and continue from there.”


After the interview concluded, the host thanked Armani for stopping by. The host reminded everyone to buy "Paradise" on iTunes. Then, the song was played on the radio.


Be sure to stream "Paradise" on all streaming services! Buy it on iTunes as well! Follow Armani on Twitter (@COPCAL_ARMANI)! Make sure you request "Paradise" on your local radio station! Check back here often, as we will always have the most recent updates on anything and everything Armani!

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Image result for Denis Stoff interview


2017 sees the hotly anticipated release of Denis Stoff New Single  ‘Ghost Town!’

After completing his record breaking “Asking Alexandria Worldwide” in mid-2016, He left on hard terms of Danny wanting to come back, after a long break in 2017, Denis is finally back on spotlight but On his own, he has went back to the studio for the first time in two years to start work on his first solo protect. Continuing the themes of positive thinking and self-belief that have followed his career, the first single Ghost Town &  #OIMATEWTF reinforce that this truly is the beginning of an exciting new era for Denis Stoff

Between the multiple number one charting on the metal chart, various awards and accolades, an unprecedented live presence and the most loyal music fan base in the country, the Ukrainian boy continue to push not only himself, but Metalcore, forward worldwide. It is clear that after him working on music since age 14 in the game, Denis Stoff is not slowing down, with this long break between releases allowing him to reflect as showcased in his new music


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Ariana Grande On The X Factor Australia

The performance began with Ariana rising onto the stage. She had her hand on her hip and her legs spread a little bit so she looked like a skinny version of Beyonce. Everyone was cheering for her as she came up. On the screens were random purple squiggles. Pretty much the entire performance was purple themed. Ariana put the mic to her mouth and sang "Baby, baby, baby, you mean everything to me / You are the one that gets me through a really stressful day / Cuz I know when I get home / You'll be right there, waiting for me", as she tapped her hip to the beat of the song. While she sang the pre-chorus, her six back up dancers slowly made their way onto the stage. For this performance, she had her iconic twins as well as two males and two females. Once the pre-chorus ended, Ariana said "Ready to get turnt, Australia?" and the beat dropped. Ariana's dancers did the choreography for the chorus and Ariana was dancing along but not as hard so that her vocals could sound okay and she wouldn't run out of breath. For the second repetition of the chorus, the choreography simply consisted of them spinning their hips around at different speeds. Ariana was wearing a purple skirt so it looked great.

For the second verse, Ariana simply sang the lyrics to the crowd. The dancers were doing some really simple choreography but all of the focus for the camera men was on Ariana. "Baby, baby, baby, don’t you ever leave my side / I’m putting on my seatbelt, I’m ready for the ride / You take me up and down / But that’s what makes it so profound". For the pre-chorus, Ariana sang a note higher than in the studio version so that she could pretty much harmonise with herself but also not because there were no vocals in the backtrack. "Give me your hugs and your kisses galore / Cuz, when I get them, there’s no way I will feel sore / You can fix all my problems, I guess you’re the cure / No such thing as enough, baby, give me some more". For the next chorus, Ariana and her dancers got into a line and they bent down on each beat. They snapped on the eight beat after they were all done and they bent up and down to the beat for the rest of the first repetition of the chorus, before snapping for a final beat and disassembling. Ariana sang over the backtrack for the rest of the chorus.

For the bridge, Ariana belted out "All my girls in the club, if you got a man / And you’d do everything for him, put your hands / In the aiiiiir, aiiiiir / And scream out these lyrics". The crowd were on the edge of their seats as she finished that note, waiting for the beat to drop again. As it did, Ariana let out a high falsetto note and purple streamers shot out to the crowd. You could hear their screams blaring through the speakers of your screen. Ariana's dancers were doing choreography that was more precise than the ones for the past two choruses so Ariana spent her time running around the stage, letting out some ad libs. She went back to the centre of the stage to sing "In a world without your lovin, ba-BYYYYY". She then gave the crowd a fierce facial expression and went back to the pose from the beginning. They were slayed.

Host: Ariana, that was amazing!
Ariana: Thank you so much!
Host: So, that was your new single?
Ariana: Yes, World Without Your Love. It's out right now!
Host: Not only is it out right now but it's #1 on iTunes right now.
Ariana: Yes, that's so crazy!
Host: But everyone at home needs to buy it right now so it can reach #1 on the ARIA charts. It'll be like your twelfth #1?
My fourth *laugh*
Host: Just as impressive. Anyway, thank you so much for coming tonight! You can all go check out Ariana's new single on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you listen to music and blare that single through the ad break but, once we get back, we'll see who's going home. Don't leave the T.V.

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The 30 year old pop star Kesha has announced her long awaited comeback single ‘Praying’ which will be released on the 22nd December this year. Her album, a follow to up to 2012’s Warrior, is titled Rainbow and will be released on the 4th February next year. 

More details on this exciting new comeback are to be revealed soon.


(@Adam @Starboy can this be in the news thingy please?)

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The performance began with a song that people haven't heard yet, it started out with the phrase: "Close, oh, so close" with a twist to it. 

After that, the lights go on to Nick Jonas, where we see him standing surrounded by six ladies, with two beaming blue lights going near him on each side.


As the camera turns to Nick Jonas, we see him wearing a blue t-shirt with a leather jacket and black pants, when the music starts playing he starts singing "I look for you in the center of the sun / I took a pill but it didn't help me numb / I see your face even when my eyes are shut / But I never really know just where to find you", the six ladies are surrounding Nick Jonas, touching him on the chest, legs and shoulders. He continues to sing with his sexy voice "I chase the words that keep falling out your mouth / You got a logic I'll never figure out / If I could hold you then I'd never put you down / But I never really know just where to find you", as soon as the bearts start kicking in for the chorus, we see the blue lights disappear, Nick Jonas dancing around the beat, and singing the chorus. The lights turned yellow/purple and the ladies are dancing around him.


While he's singing "You think you know how to get under my skin / It's good for now but it's never permanent" the ladies are standing in a row, dancing towards them, and they break down for a choreography, then the dancers go to Nick Jonas, touching and dancing around him.


The chorus kicks in, and Nick Jonas is singing and dancing around him. While he's singing the bridge "Maybe I'm chasing a feeling / Maybe I don't even need it / Maybe you're looking for me tonight, tonight", the dancers goes dancing in a line in the back of him, while Nick Jonas finishes the bridge. Nick Jonas let himself fall, while the ladies catch him, and put him back on his feet. While for the last time the chorus kicks in, Nick Jonas shouts "X FACTOR COME ON", he finished the song with some great vocals, and thanks the audience after and smiles.


Host: Nick Jonas everybody!

*The audience claps hard and some fans even shouts hard*

Nick Jonas: Thank you, thank you *waves hand*

Host: So, that was the new single right?

Nick Jonas: Yes! It's called 'Find You' and is out now!

Host: Great! It's a great tune, and it's doing so well here in the U.K., it's currently #5 on the UK iTunes and #7 on the US iTunes, you should be proud.

Nick Jonas: I am, I'm grateful for every moment, and my fans are great!


*Nick Jonas' his album cover shows up on the screen behind him, with a little picture of the single cover for 'Find You'*


Host: So, the album is coming out this Friday, December 8th right?

Nick Jonas: It is, I'm so excited to release the album, it's full of great songs and I can't wait for the fans to hear it1

Host: So, when can we start pre-ordering the album?

Nick Jonas: Glad you asked, the pre-order for my album 'Freedom' is now LIVE worldwide! Go get your copy already, the people who will pre-order will receive 'Find You' ofcourse, and get a big surprise when the album is released.

Host: That's so great! We heard a rumor about touring worldwide, is that correct?

Nick Jonas: It is! I can't say much, but my fans can expect news about it before Wednesday!

Host: I'm sure they can't wait! Nick, thanks for flying out to the U.K. to perform here!

Nick Jonas: It was a great time, and I would do it again anytime soon if I got the chance!

Host: Nick Jonas everybody! Don't forget to check out his new single 'Find You' on iTunes & Spotify, and pre-order a copy of 'Freedom' on iTunes and get 'Find You' instantly and get a big surprise when the album is released.

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Taylor Swift on X Factor UK

Taylor Swift appeared earlier tonight on The X Factor UK finals for a performance of her hit single "Look What You Made Me Do". The performance began with Taylor and four female dancers standing in front of the main screen on the stage. All you could see was their silhouettes shining in front of a really vivid and bright red tone, given that the lights on the stage were turned off, but the screen wasn't. Instead of having the song immediately commencing alongside the performance itself, Taylor chose to start everything with an extended introduction, that had key chords of the song playing while the iconic call line on the song escorted the melody, as on "I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now / Why? / Oh, 'cause she's dead!". The audience obviously went crazy as soon as they sorted out what was going on, because the verse is obviously the most memorable part of the song.

Anyway, the introduction lasted for not longer than twelve seconds. Fog also covered the stage in a slow pace while it happened. The track would then start as the lights finally turned on, revealing Swift in a gold-covered, detail-filled sweatshirt hoodie. She was probably wearing very small shorts but you couldn't see it because the sweatshirt was loose, giving her a bold semblance. "I don't like your little games / Don't like your tilted stage / The role you made me play / Of the fool, no, I don't like you", she sang on the first verse, as the lightning on the stage settled with the red screens. The dancers also served as back-up singers, that harmonized her vocals and enhanced the moody vibes of the performance that Swift intended to bring. However, only the songstress had a jewelry-inlay snake crawling on her hand microphone, as a depict of the reputation themes harbored through the album.

During the chorus, an animated snake sketch groveled the screen, continuing the red tonality approached for the performance. "I don't like your kingdom keys / They once belonged to me / You ask me for a place to sleep / Locked me out and threw a feast (what!?)", she sang on the second verse, when the choreography got more intense. The following pre-chorus and chorus kept the same, with exception of a more detailed glance on lightning and stuff. "But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time (nick of time) / Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time (I do it all the time) / I've got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined / I check it once, then I check it twice, oh!". She looked really fierce and fabulous, something recurrent on performances during this reputation era, but definitely something we would never expect from her during country album cycles.

For the bridge, her dancers stood still behind her, just harmonizing her main vocals, whilst she performed the verses in a smoother tone and walked through the sage. The lights also faded in intensity, matching with a more mysterious atmosphere for this specific portion of the performance. However, when the call lines began, the lights flickered on and off very fast, before shining really bright on the sudden drop of the beat as soon as the very last chorus explodes. When it did, the dancers joined her on the "pussy-drop"-like choreography as pyrotechnic displays bursted from the stage floor, and Taylor just kept on performing the song with a bold smile on her face. At the end, red confetti fell from the roof and the singer faced the camera with the same expression, before the host went to the stage to congratulate her.

Olly Murs: Give it up once again for the one and only, Taylor Swift!
Taylor Swift: Thank you!
Olly: This was so good - and definitely different from what we saw in your early years.
Taylor: Yeah! It's crazy to see how this shifting to pop evolved me as a performer.
Olly: The album reputation is also really distinct of your previous records. Did you foresee such a departure in your music coming?
Taylor: Yes. I think my transition to pop music began with Red. In 1989, I brought something lighter and sweeter, but reputation is basically built on synthesizers, drum programming and electro basslines. It's pop music in its purest form.
Olly: That's something we can clearly see on "Look What You Made Me Do", the song you've just performed. By the way, it became a huge success - your first chart-topping single here.
Taylor: Yes, and I've seen that the album is also Gold, which is really impressive considering it's been out for only two weeks. I am extremely thankful for the support you've been constantly giving me.
Olly: Well, thank you so much for coming and performing for us. reputation and "Look What You Made Me Do" are both available right now, and watch out for tour tickets coming very soon.

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Shawn Mendes is known already as one of the nicest people in the music industry. And he seems to come by it so naturally! Today, Shawn Mendes did one of his favorite things: spending time with fans. Shawn is packing up to leave for Australia in two days, however he is making the most out of his last two days before his trip. Shawn payed a visit to a youth community center in Tampa. The center has about 300 children, most coming from impoverished and crime ridden neighbourhoods. The head of the center Pattie Clarkson said “On our website we have a tab where you can sign up to come and do something at the center. Usually it’s people coming to read or something. But we saw that we had a request from Shawn Mendes to come and spend the day! It blew my mind. I called the number that was left and I talked to him. He was excited to come and we set it all up!” 


Shawn arrived at the center around noon today. There was no announcement made that he was coming however the news spread on social media. Shawn did not come outside to speak with any of the paparazzi, instead he remained in the center until around 6 o’clock. The center’s website posted a few photos of Shawn spending time with the kids. He showed several how to play some simple guitar rhythms, jammed with some others. He played games with the kids, did crafts, among other things. Shawn left the shelter with a smile on his face! 







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Resultado de imagem para pitchfork


Marina and the Diamonds set to release new album "very soon"

Marina and the Diamonds' new studio album is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated upcoming releases for quite a few reasons, but it looks like it may finally be coming later this season. While nobody from her recently-founded recording label Cherry Tree will confirm that it is just around the corner, the media has hopped on a report from industry rumor mill Hits Daily Double that says it's so. The article that claims the new record is close to being available states that the street date now stands at early 2018. This could just be another false alarm, but we imagine she wouldn't shift labels for no motive.

The report also claims that Marina doesn't know yet if a single is due just a few weeks prior to the album being released or if the whole thing is coming along a priori - yes, a full-album surprise release is possible. She has spoken no word about new music yet, with exception of a post on social media that depicts her on a studio room with the subtitle, "Room 101. Recording."

Although she didn't release a proper album this year, 2017 has been quite the year for the Welsh songstress. She stretched The Desired Effect (2016) album cycle, touring in a multi-millionaire grossing arena concert show that elapsed through America, Europe and Oceania from March to September, closing it with a titanic headlining performance at Rock In Rio. The album sold up to four million copies to date and spawned three top 15 hits on Billboard Hot 100 (including No. 1 and Diamond-certified "I Can Change", the second best-selling song of 2016), becoming her most successful musical endeavor yet. Its critical acclaim also makes it one of the main containers for the Album of the Year category at next year's Grammy Awards - surely the most prestigious cluster of the night -, and the fact it won the same prestige at the BRIT Awards further enhances the idea.

But her solo efforts weren't her main focus for the year. She's also joined forces with British contemporary Charli XCX to release a joint album under duo name Jewels & Diamonds. A Silent Thunderstorm debuted straight at No. 1 on Billboard 200 and issued the huge smash hit "Entertainment", that eventually spent five non-consecutive weeks at the sum of Hot 100 and helped the album to reach its multi-platinum status.

It's almost impossible to imagine what the album will sound like. Diamandis has shifted from new wave to sharp dance-pop, then to alt-pop, 80s-infused synth-pop and, aided by XCX, to a smoother rendition of the latter. But it's also impossible to deny the fact that it'll become yet another successful endeavor to Marina.

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