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Taylor Swift on X Factor UK

Taylor Swift appeared earlier tonight on The X Factor UK finals for a performance of her hit single "Look What You Made Me Do". The performance began with Taylor and four female dancers standing in front of the main screen on the stage. All you could see was their silhouettes shining in front of a really vivid and bright red tone, given that the lights on the stage were turned off, but the screen wasn't. Instead of having the song immediately commencing alongside the performance itself, Taylor chose to start everything with an extended introduction, that had key chords of the song playing while the iconic call line on the song escorted the melody, as on "I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now / Why? / Oh, 'cause she's dead!". The audience obviously went crazy as soon as they sorted out what was going on, because the verse is obviously the most memorable part of the song.

Anyway, the introduction lasted for not longer than twelve seconds. Fog also covered the stage in a slow pace while it happened. The track would then start as the lights finally turned on, revealing Swift in a gold-covered, detail-filled sweatshirt hoodie. She was probably wearing very small shorts but you couldn't see it because the sweatshirt was loose, giving her a bold semblance. "I don't like your little games / Don't like your tilted stage / The role you made me play / Of the fool, no, I don't like you", she sang on the first verse, as the lightning on the stage settled with the red screens. The dancers also served as back-up singers, that harmonized her vocals and enhanced the moody vibes of the performance that Swift intended to bring. However, only the songstress had a jewelry-inlay snake crawling on her hand microphone, as a depict of the reputation themes harbored through the album.

During the chorus, an animated snake sketch groveled the screen, continuing the red tonality approached for the performance. "I don't like your kingdom keys / They once belonged to me / You ask me for a place to sleep / Locked me out and threw a feast (what!?)", she sang on the second verse, when the choreography got more intense. The following pre-chorus and chorus kept the same, with exception of a more detailed glance on lightning and stuff. "But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time (nick of time) / Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time (I do it all the time) / I've got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined / I check it once, then I check it twice, oh!". She looked really fierce and fabulous, something recurrent on performances during this reputation era, but definitely something we would never expect from her during country album cycles.

For the bridge, her dancers stood still behind her, just harmonizing her main vocals, whilst she performed the verses in a smoother tone and walked through the sage. The lights also faded in intensity, matching with a more mysterious atmosphere for this specific portion of the performance. However, when the call lines began, the lights flickered on and off very fast, before shining really bright on the sudden drop of the beat as soon as the very last chorus explodes. When it did, the dancers joined her on the "pussy-drop"-like choreography as pyrotechnic displays bursted from the stage floor, and Taylor just kept on performing the song with a bold smile on her face. At the end, red confetti fell from the roof and the singer faced the camera with the same expression, before the host went to the stage to congratulate her.

Olly Murs: Give it up once again for the one and only, Taylor Swift!
Taylor Swift: Thank you!
Olly: This was so good - and definitely different from what we saw in your early years.
Taylor: Yeah! It's crazy to see how this shifting to pop evolved me as a performer.
Olly: The album reputation is also really distinct of your previous records. Did you foresee such a departure in your music coming?
Taylor: Yes. I think my transition to pop music began with Red. In 1989, I brought something lighter and sweeter, but reputation is basically built on synthesizers, drum programming and electro basslines. It's pop music in its purest form.
Olly: That's something we can clearly see on "Look What You Made Me Do", the song you've just performed. By the way, it became a huge success - your first chart-topping single here.
Taylor: Yes, and I've seen that the album is also Gold, which is really impressive considering it's been out for only two weeks. I am extremely thankful for the support you've been constantly giving me.
Olly: Well, thank you so much for coming and performing for us. reputation and "Look What You Made Me Do" are both available right now, and watch out for tour tickets coming very soon.

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Shawn Mendes is known already as one of the nicest people in the music industry. And he seems to come by it so naturally! Today, Shawn Mendes did one of his favorite things: spending time with fans. Shawn is packing up to leave for Australia in two days, however he is making the most out of his last two days before his trip. Shawn payed a visit to a youth community center in Tampa. The center has about 300 children, most coming from impoverished and crime ridden neighbourhoods. The head of the center Pattie Clarkson said “On our website we have a tab where you can sign up to come and do something at the center. Usually it’s people coming to read or something. But we saw that we had a request from Shawn Mendes to come and spend the day! It blew my mind. I called the number that was left and I talked to him. He was excited to come and we set it all up!” 


Shawn arrived at the center around noon today. There was no announcement made that he was coming however the news spread on social media. Shawn did not come outside to speak with any of the paparazzi, instead he remained in the center until around 6 o’clock. The center’s website posted a few photos of Shawn spending time with the kids. He showed several how to play some simple guitar rhythms, jammed with some others. He played games with the kids, did crafts, among other things. Shawn left the shelter with a smile on his face! 







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Resultado de imagem para pitchfork


Marina and the Diamonds set to release new album "very soon"

Marina and the Diamonds' new studio album is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated upcoming releases for quite a few reasons, but it looks like it may finally be coming later this season. While nobody from her recently-founded recording label Cherry Tree will confirm that it is just around the corner, the media has hopped on a report from industry rumor mill Hits Daily Double that says it's so. The article that claims the new record is close to being available states that the street date now stands at early 2018. This could just be another false alarm, but we imagine she wouldn't shift labels for no motive.

The report also claims that Marina doesn't know yet if a single is due just a few weeks prior to the album being released or if the whole thing is coming along a priori - yes, a full-album surprise release is possible. She has spoken no word about new music yet, with exception of a post on social media that depicts her on a studio room with the subtitle, "Room 101. Recording."

Although she didn't release a proper album this year, 2017 has been quite the year for the Welsh songstress. She stretched The Desired Effect (2016) album cycle, touring in a multi-millionaire grossing arena concert show that elapsed through America, Europe and Oceania from March to September, closing it with a titanic headlining performance at Rock In Rio. The album sold up to four million copies to date and spawned three top 15 hits on Billboard Hot 100 (including No. 1 and Diamond-certified "I Can Change", the second best-selling song of 2016), becoming her most successful musical endeavor yet. Its critical acclaim also makes it one of the main containers for the Album of the Year category at next year's Grammy Awards - surely the most prestigious cluster of the night -, and the fact it won the same prestige at the BRIT Awards further enhances the idea.

But her solo efforts weren't her main focus for the year. She's also joined forces with British contemporary Charli XCX to release a joint album under duo name Jewels & Diamonds. A Silent Thunderstorm debuted straight at No. 1 on Billboard 200 and issued the huge smash hit "Entertainment", that eventually spent five non-consecutive weeks at the sum of Hot 100 and helped the album to reach its multi-platinum status.

It's almost impossible to imagine what the album will sound like. Diamandis has shifted from new wave to sharp dance-pop, then to alt-pop, 80s-infused synth-pop and, aided by XCX, to a smoother rendition of the latter. But it's also impossible to deny the fact that it'll become yet another successful endeavor to Marina.

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Single Release / Album announcement

Charli XCX - Legacy


The british singer's recent move back to EYE records has left us with multiple projects to hold us over for at least another year, but Ms. XCX is not letting us breathe with her brand new trash-talking, fast paced club banger.

Similar to Vroom Vroom's era, the beat is filled with PC music inspired stabs, booming 808s, and quick, quirky lines from the singer's imaginative brain.

Completely ditching the synth-pop heavy inspired Cruel Creatures (courtesy of Vroom Vroom Records) Charli is back with an extremely edgy rap persona perfect for fans of Brooke Candy and Charli's debut True Romance.

While speculation has been going around from XCX's fans whether "XCX Hits" is already over era wise, Charli has confirmed that the era is not over and went further into explaining "Legacy" to her fans.



Charli on twitter:

Hello Angels! I hope we are having a wonderful start to the most wonderful time of the year, XCX-mas ;)

Legacy is everything I always wanted to do, talk shit and bounce my ass while I'm doing it. This is for the angels that wanted more from me, but even more for the haters. I hardly addressed any of my personal life in previous records, but Legacy is vastly different, not just genre wise. Legacy is the start of a new persona, a new bitch, the lost spice girl. It is the first born to my brand new record coming out next year, same title.

I hope you angels like the new direction I'm taking, if not, well I still have XCX Hits for you guys! Not to mention Television Romance, Dreamer & Lipgloss will also have videos and accompany "Legacy". You will be hearing ALL of these tracks on my upcoming tour, details SOON ;D




Title: Legacy

Artist: Charli XCX

Producers: SOPHIE, Bricks on Da Beat

Length: 2:31


The song features many lyrics of bragging which is rare for XCX. She is basically reminding everyone her legacy from her smash feature Fancy to her cult following with PC Music. Lots of petty jabs are thrown towards haters while not coming off bitter but Charli keeping her swagger throughout the 2:30 minute track. There are also some clever puns about Charli's past music releases and even a remark that one could guess is about ex lover Drake. It is a fun hiphop inspired song while not taking itself too seriously, featuring today's hiphop sound with an XCX twist to it.

You can now buy Legacy as a single on itunes.


Album Cover: TBA

Album Release Date: TBA

Confirmed tracks: Legacy, Lipgloss, Dreamer, Television Romance, Babygirl, & Take Me

Length: TBA







(Whisper tone)

Call me charli

Call me charli

Call me charli

Call me charli



Call me charli

Call me charli

Call me charli





Verse 1:


Woah-oh! I’m full of sugar and spice

Woah-oh! you know I keep it sticky & nice

Woah-oh! You know my beamer cocaine white

Woah-oh! Matching thong with the leather tight


Woah-oh! I got that glow, check my flow,

Woah-oh! On my sold out shows, sold out show, bitch whatchu know?

Oh! No I dont wanna see you

Woah-Oh! Chanel so tinted that I cant see you!


Rollin out that beamer yeah you know that im that bitch

Rollin with sophie yeah you know we making hits

Rollin with QT in case you forgot she that bitch

Roll with me on the aux because I got them XCX hits


Yah, show me the money

give me some love

you know my girls 

that will shoot your shit up


Lipstick in the clip

Now issa sitch

Im sia we swinging off chandeliers back at the crib



Yeah I got fans, legacy

Yeah I got time, lemme see

Yeah I got coin, spent on me

Yeah I know boys, follow me

Yeah I got haters, follow me

Yeah I live fancy, iggady

Yeah I dress fancy, look at me

Yeah I got waves, legacy



Verse 2:

I made a new album on Vroom & then dipped

Told from eye records they fuck with my shit

Heard from my angels they fuck with my shit

Thats when i came with them XCX Hits


Yeah i sat on his face and then dipped

Got a check from his feature, sure did

Yeah I was only in it for dick

All of these new girls can suck on my clit




Yeah I got fans, legacy

Yeah I got time, lemme see

Yeah I got coin, spent on me

Yeah I know boys, follow me

Yeah I know haters, follow me

Yeah I live fancy, iggady




Call me charli, XCX

Call me charli, XCX

Call me charli, XCX

Call me charli, XCX






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WAVS 1170

Armani has kickstarted her career with the recent release of her debut single ‘Paradise’. The 20-year-old, who travelled all the way from Haiti, is gearing up to have a massive first album – and it all starts with the first single. In an effort to promote this single, Armani stopped by WAVS 1170, a radio station in Florida, earlier today. Below you can find the interview, so make sure you check it out!


On ‘Paradise’

“I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but ‘Paradise’ was actually the first song I wrote once I had been signed to my label. Funnily, it was also the last song on the album to finish production, and that extra time we spent on it definitely turned out to be worth it. Since it is the song that birthed the whole concept of my album, we figured we might as well release it first. So that’s what we did and here I am promoting it. The song is about a relationship that’s slowly falling apart and the façade is falling away. Yet, it’s also about there always being hope to fix the relationship and find yourself in a better place again. As I’ve said, it’s a very personal song to me, but I still feel like many people will find it relatable. In terms of success, the song has already exceeded my expectations. As an unknown artist, I expected a Top 200 entry at most, yet here it is currently sitting in the Top 60 of US iTunes, which is unbelievable for me. It’s kind of weird to think that just over a year ago I’d never set foot in the US and now here I am promoting a charting single in the country. I’m just so ecstatic that people are actually listening to and enjoying my music, which is all I could’ve asked for!”


On collaborations on her album

“I have at least one collaboration I know is coming, however I’m not opposed to collaborating with more artists and refining my album further. With the collaboration that is coming, I reached out to their label a few weeks ago, sent them a few possible tracks, and we settled on one, so now they’re going to be on the album! I really want to release this song as a single, and I’m super proud of the work that we’ve done together. If all plans fall through, you’ll definitely be hearing the song before the album is released. The person I collaborated with is honestly so talented, and is one of my biggest idols in music and in life in general. It was an absolute honour to have the opportunity to even ask them to work with me. So here’s hoping that everything works out and we get an amazing song out of it!”


On the second single

“I know that ‘Paradise’ only just came out, but we’ve definitely already got the next release planned. We’re just not sure whether to have it be a promotional single or a full-fledged second single for the project. The song is definitely coming sooner than you might think, so make sure you keep your eyes open for it. It is quite intimidating knowing that people are always waiting, and wanting, more music from you, and that there’s always this expectation of new music on a regular basis. Like, I’m scared to put out more music because I don’t know how it will be received or how it will stack up in comparison to ‘Paradise’. But then again, I guess the only way to find out is to release something – so hopefully you will all hear my second single making waves soon enough.”


After the interview concluded, the host thanked Armani for stopping by. The host reminded everyone to buy "Paradise" on iTunes. Then, the song was played on the radio.


Be sure to stream "Paradise" on all streaming services! Buy it on iTunes as well! Follow Armani on Twitter (@COPCAL_ARMANI)! Make sure you request "Paradise" on your local radio station! Check back here often, as we will always have the most recent updates on anything and everything Armani!

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Release Date: 28th December 2017



Artist: Denis Stoff

Title: Underground

Genre: Pop / Metalcore / Electro-Rock

Lead Single: Ghost Town

Singles: TBA

Release Date: 28th December 2017


Denis just surprised dropped that his new album is out this year, it is now available to pre order now, with 3 Songs already up to download and listen after you pre order it.



1. Underground

2. Ghost Town

3. TBA

4. TBA

5. TBA

6. TBA


8. TBA

9. TBA

10. TBA

11. TBA

12. TBA







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Ghost Town Video is just basic video he does in a room with his band, wearing a blue leather jacket. 

In one scene he is standing under lights that look like is falling onto to him, dancing around and has stars glowing in his eys

even tho the video is a cheap edit, but he is also in the making a video for TBA video :) so this is just a warmer up for something HUGE!, biggest Denis has ever done. 



i just used his video with ghost town over it, its so bad :rip: 









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k0hyLhd.png Pm6zoP5.png

Inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel Sunday night, Fergie joined the head table between Armie Hammer and Tom Ford, who was being honored at the annual gala, for the Trevor Project, which is an American non-profit organization founded in 1998 focused on suicide prevention efforts among LGBT+ youth.

While in the red carpet, Fergie told E! that she's just about to announce something big, "I know the fans i got with the Peas are waiting for something solo and i can't wait to give them, so yeah, this week is gonna be good for them, i'm sure of it". This will be Fergie's first solo project since the breakup of the Black Eyed Peas, the group which has sold an estimated 76 million records, making them one of the world's best-selling groups of all time. 

Make sure to follow Fergie on her Twitter, by clicking here!

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Kesha has just announced her new comeback album 'Rainbow' alongside a new single titled 'Praying' which will be released later this month. Today, the star was spotted outside Germano Studios in New York City, with her bodyguard. Although not confirmed, it is rumoured the star recorded a new track in the studio titled 'True Colours' but obviously this is just a rumour. We are ready for Kesha again and can't wait for her new song!

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The performance starts with a dark stage, while neon-purple lights form a circle on the floor. We see Katy, in a sparkly gold/purple mini-dress, entering the stage. The instrumental hits and Katy starts to sing the first lines. "We're free, free to love each other till we; that we can't ignore our responsibility, responsibility, no". While the "They're counting on us" is being played by playback, Katy heads over to the pre-chorus. She starts to snip with her fingers while mulitple dancers in black bodysuits join her on stage. "I'm just human, you're just human, we're just human, we're just human, please don't blame meeeee" she sings before telling the audience to "sing along" to the chorus. "Move that, move that body, shake that, let's get naughty, oh no, they caught me again, the distortion." While the dancers perform a bizarre choreography Katy is moving her hips and arms as well, before walking around the stage for the second verse and the pre-chorus. "Please don't blame me I'm just humaaaan, oh!" As the the second chorus starts, the lights on the stage first switch to a neon-blue, then to a neon-yellow, before going back to purple.


For the bridge, Katy goes on her knees, letting her powerful vocals shine. "BUT I'M NOT THAT GIRL ANYMORE NOOO, OH JUST A WHORE TO IGNORE, THAT'S THE WAY THEY SAY IT ABOUT... MEEEEEEEEEE YEAAAHHHOOOOHHH....The distortion, C'MON CLAP YOUR HANDS" She animates the audience to get their life out of the last chorus. "Move that, move that body, shake that, let's get naughty, oh no, they caught me agaaaiiiiiin.... The distortioonn.." She slays the last vocal run and her dancers give their everything as well. The song eventually ends and so does the performance, leaving the audience cheering! The host of the show comes out to shake Katy's hand.

Host: "Ladies and gentlemen, they great Katy Perry with her new song 'The Distortion' out everywhere!"

Katy: "Thank you Australia! I don't know if can get some screen time, but I just wanted to say that when I'll go on tour next year, Australia will be the FIRST part of my tour, just so that you all know how much less you can spend on christmas presents. *laughs* Just kidding, THANK YOU AUSTRALIA!"

With a cheering audience Katy leaves the stage! She sure has convinced many viewers to buy her new single!

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Following the performance on The X Factor UK where he hinted about touring, the tour schedule is finally here for Nick Jonas' his world tour for 2018!
Following the release of his album, Nick Jonas will tour the world in February, March & April. 

The tour starts in the United States, then goes to Canada, and for the last leg of the tour it finishes up in Europe around April.

Tickets will be up for sale on December 17th, but people who have pre-ordered his album 'Freedom' before December 7th will receive a invitation to have early access for the ticket sale, which will be on December 15th all day. Also, for the people who have pre-ordered the album, will receive a instant goodiebag made by Nick Jonas himself at the veneu where the will be seeing Nick.

Tour Schedule: United States

Tour Schedule: Canada

Tour Schedule: Europe

Price Range: America, Canada & Europe

Supporting acts for the US, Canadian & Europe Leg of the tour are still unknown, but will be revealed before the end of the month!

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Shawn Mendes without question one of the most popular and loved artists of the year. Not only did his critically acclaimed debut album Revelation soar to the top of the charts around the world, nearly everything that he has done has been a success. Though almost everyone predicted Shawn was going to be a total failure in the industry, however he has defied any and all expectation to become one of the most successful new artists of the year. Shawn is well known for being honest and and interactive with his fans. The singer hosted a Reddit Q&A today. The start of the thread read: 


"Hey everyone! Welcome to my first Reddit Q&A! Today, I'm opening myself up to any questions you all want to ask me! I will answer most anything! Let's get this going!" 


Q: "Post a selfie?"

A: "Got ya!" 



Q: "Why did you name your tour the Ocean Wave Avenue Tour?"

"The name of the tour comes from two places. One of those is the structure of the stage. Behind me is a big screen that looks like a house which is modeled after a house I always thought was beautiful in my neighborhood when I was younger. The second reason is because there is a real Ocean Wave Avenue. It's the name of an acoustic music club in Montreal that I visited one evening. I actually wrote the first song from the album there so it's got a special place in my heart." 


Q: "What is your favorite song at the moment?"

"Find You by Nick Jonas is an amazing song! I've been a fan of his for a while but this is far and above the best song that he's released. Nick's a really talented guy and this song really shows what he's capable of." 


Q: "You said in a recent interview with PopCrush that you were straight, but you hinted at moments of that not being true. If it's okay and not too personal, would you elaborate on that a little? I'm just curious is all!"

"Sure! I don't mind elaborating a bit. I understand that the statement raised a few questions. So, yes I am straight. I am attracted to women and I date women. That being said, I think most heterosexual people have some curiosities that come about at some point in life. I am perfectly willing to admit that I have had encounters with others guys. I've not exclusively been private with women. Those situations were myself and the other person just doing a little exploring with who we were. I was a teenager, that happens a lot. But, now that it's happened, I know that I am straight and that women are my preference. But, as I said, I don't at all regret it. It's only natural." 


Q: "Besides your cover of John Lennon's song, do you have any new music coming?"

"I've talked to to some of the people at a movie studio about getting a song done for a film that's coming out soon. We've not gotten to talk about it in too much detail, but they seemed to be interested in working with me. I've been writing a lot lately, actually. I think that my next album will be written while I'm out on the road. So I think you should be expecting new material from me at some point next year." 


Q: "Have you talked to the NFL about maybe taking part in the Super Bowl?"

"I'm not really at able to go into much detail but I can say that I got to at least bring up some interest in being involved in some way." 


Q: "Do you think your album will be nominated for Album of the Year?"

"Anything's possible! I submitted a lot of my work to the academy so maybe we'll get something interesting!" 


Q: "Are you going to film and/or record any of the shows on your tour?"

"Maybe! We'll just see how the tour starts out." 





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Part 1 - Interview

E: Out next guest is a newcomer to the pop scene, whose debut single is flying up the charts, please welcome Armani!

Paradise plays as Armani walks out onto the stage smiling and waving at the audience. Armani runs up and hugs Ellen before taking a seat.

E: I’m so happy you could be here! Thank you so much.

A: I’m just happy to be here myself!

E: So, this is your first time on TV, right?

A: Yes, it is actually.

E: How is it?

A: Very intimidating to say the least. I didn’t realise how big the audience was here. And there’s a million and one cameras, and I’m positive none are at my good angle.

E: Well I think all your angles are good angles! And I thought as a singer you’d love big audiences?

A: Well I guess it is kind of expected, but I’ve never really experienced it so I guess it’s all that first-time nerves.

E: So, you’re a little on edge?

A: Yeah, I guess.

E: Would you say you’re easily scared?

A: Ellen, don’t you dare.

Armani turns cautiously and looks around the room, before playfully glaring at Ellen.

E: No, I promise you’ll be fine.

Armani checks behind her chair one last time.

E: I swear it’s not! I just wanted to know how you were feeling!

A: Well now I’m scared and nervous, thanks Ellen.

E: Well let’s change the subject a little – you just recently released your debut single, ‘Paradise’, which is really good I must say.

A: Aw, thank you! I’m so happy people are really enjoying it.

E: Were you scared to release it?

A: Yeah, definitely. You never really know how people will react to things. I was so worried people wouldn’t like it or straight up not even care about it. But I’m really happy with the reception I have gotten for the single, so I really hope it keeps going.

E: Well, it’s really amazing, and so the audience can experience it too, they’ll be going home with a Paradise merchandise pack including a shirt and a physical CD! These are also available online, right?

A: Yeah, if you go to my website, you’ll find a link to the store where all my merch can be found!

E: Now let’s talk about your top secret upcoming collaborations? Can you tell us who they are?

A: Well no, silly, then it wouldn’t be top secret! But I can say I really love and respect both artists I’ve collaborated with and I think we’ll create some great music. I’m honestly so humbled to be on tracks with them, so this experience has really just been a dream come true for me.

E: And do you know when these will come out?

A: One is actually coming out this month! And the other will be released sometime in January or February. So it’s definitely an exciting time for me and for my music and fans.

E: And can we have any titles?

A: Well one is in Spanish, and the one has something to do with cars. Other than that, you’re gonna have to do a little sleuthing.

E: Can we talk about your love life?

A: Oh, God, I mean is there a lot to talk about?

E:  I mean, ‘Paradise’ is a love song, and you say you write from experience – so is there anyone you’re experiencing things with right now?

A: No, not really, I’ve been so focused on getting my album ready that I haven’t really had time for stuff like that.

E: Not even with a certain Latin artist?

An Instagram photo of Armani and J Balvin cuddling is shown on the screen.

A: Oh my God Ellen! Who posted that!

E: Ask him!

A: Who has my phone I’m messaging him right now! [laughs]

E: So, is there anything going on there?

A: You know – no, not really. We’re just really good friends.

E: Well make sure I’m the first who knows anything.

A: Absolutely!

E: Ok we’ll be right back, and Armani will be performing her new single ‘Paradise’ – don’t go anywhere!




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Denis Stoff Talks About New Upcoming Album: 



It’s been one majorly busy year for singer Denis Stoff . On top of touring in support of Asking Alexandria ‘ Album The Black, the singer has spent most of his downtime from the road gearing up for two new discs — During the tour he did without Ben Bruce was when Denis started feeling a bit distance from the boys, when he heard that Danny was coming back Rumours were all over the internet, when Ben said Denis left the band because he would not answer anyones emails got him having a bit of a break to get this head back in place. But Denis has now been writing his next solo album which will be first ever Pop Project..he is excited to say new album is coming End of December, just before New Years, he was going to postpond it till 2018 but he has just secretly dropped that the album will be out this month. 
During a recent chat at the Aftershock Festival with Alternative Press, Stoff clarified how he’s handling both projects and where they stand as the year comes toward its end.
“With a new band coming out in the near future with a new record, he really want to take time with it.  He has not discussed anything about which members or what the band is going to be called yet but we know he is working on two projects at the mean time. We’re still in the early stages of writing and we didn’t really want to get in the studio before it was ready,” says Denis. “I’ve been working on the Solo record and for the unknown band things are moving concurrently, but as far as recording at the same time, what is probably more realistic and what I should have said is that once we wrap recording on the Solo Project record, then I'll be starting and leaking more news about my new band and project.
During the chat, which took place last month, Stoff revealed that they were in the final week of tracking for the Denis Stoff album. He stated, “The next Unknown record will likely start at the beginning of the year. I've Finished the Solo record the single Ghost Town is already going crazy on charts, everyone is loving the lead single since it has that new Electro Pop Sound, something new from Denis, we are working on the video this week.

For hard rock fans unaware of Denis Stoff's project, it’s a little more dark alternative and pop leaning. “The songs are pop rock, fun songs. You know there’s certainly a kind of an element to the Covers, Rock and a few fun pop songs. “We were joking the other day that it’s emo Springsteen.”  Denis says i've always been a fan of pop stuff John Mayer to The Weekend and I listen and did a bit of covers of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Back when I was Younger and starting out that it be interesting to see what the fans think of this fun loving project.  Denis mentions I am not leaving metalcore the new band and stuff will be pronounced eventually. 


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Part 2 - Performance

E: Here to perform her latest single, ‘Paradise’, please welcome Armani!

The camera cuts to the stage where curtains are opening to reveal Armani standing in a beach setting as the instrumental for Paradise begins. She snaps her fingers and pops her hip to the beat as she begins singing;

“Why hold on when you’re gonna fly away? / Why am I here when you just make me insane?”

She then begins some simple choreography, so she can maintain stamina and sing the bridge powerfully. She is joined on stage by two female backup dancers, who are performing a more energetic and complex version of the same routine. Behind them are three men who are checking them out and joking amongst themselves.

“I need to getaway / I need to feel the ocean waves / I feel like you’ll runaway / If we don’t find a safer place”

As the chorus hits, the men run up from behind and they perform a sexy partner routine with one another. At the end of the chorus, Armani pushes her man back and moves further out on the stage, as the other partners continue dancing. As she takes centre stage, she begins to sing the second verse.

“Pure white sand and light blue water / Nothing I had ever thought of”

She walks out onto the stairs in the audience as she sings the bridge. After dancing with a few audience members, she runs back down to the stage to perform the chorus of the song. This time, they all dance without partners, but still all remain in sync.

“We’ll find Paradise / Where you can love me down / We won’t think twice / Because in Paradise / I won’t have to worry”

For the bridge, the lights all fade and the backup dancers move into the background. A single spotlight shines down onto Armani as she sings a more stripped down version of the bridge, so Armani is able to show off her vocal skills.

“Follow me up to the condo / Our own hideaway, secondo / Don’t matter where we are en el mundo / We can get real profundo”

After the bridge is sung, the backup dancers strut up to her as the instrumental cuts. Then there is an intense instrumental and dance break, so Armani is able to show off her dance and performance skills. Then the song skips to the final chorus, where Armani ends the first line with a sustained high note.

“We found Paradise / Where you hold me down and treat me right / Because in Paradise / I know you’ll be there in the morning”

Armani finishes the performance posing on the ground with her backup dancers, before standing up and walking over to hug Ellen.

E: The name of the single is ‘Paradise’, and remember you are all getting copies! We’ll be back – give it up for Armani!

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