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Rihanna's Eras 2005-2017

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Please can we just talk about how Rihanna is always current, sets trends and adapts herself and her sound (cross that) the universe adapts to her fashion, sound and trends. She is ever evolving and always on top! She hasn't even reached the peak in her career yet and the charts always change up when she releases an album. Like, if she hadn't adjusted her image (to what she liked herself) in 2007 - GGGB - she would have died with Amerie, Cassie etc in 2006. And then the Rated R Era was such a change in pop culture not just for her but for music itself. And the world adapts! She's had this every era since GGGB right up to ANTi and we owe much of the changes in trends to her! And that's a LEGEND! Thanks Riri! ????

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1 minute ago, Idontknowher said:


jk dont mind me , just a pressed mooriah stan whos afraid of legend riri snatching her throne 

Rihanna has her own throne and doesn't want or need to down other artists to stay on top. I love Mariah too. And in her peak she also changed pop culture - hugely! Let's not pit powerful women against each other! #OneLove ❤

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Guest IsThatSaraS

My fave eras in order of best to... not as best:




Rated R





I thnk the TTT era was unnecessary. The LOUD era could have carried on for another year. Imagine a re-release of LOUD with We Found Love! It would've been it's 4th #1 of that era!

The way that ANTI was released in my opinion was a mess. Why wasn't FFS, BBHMM and AO on the album as a deluxe or something? Will there ever be a video for Love on the Brain? :oprah2:


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