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I’m A Mess

Ironic song lyrics?

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Azealia Banks - 212

"I heard you ridin' with the same tall, tall tale
Tall tell tellin' em you made some
Sayin' you grindin' but you ain't goin' no where (no where)
Why you procrastinating girl?
You got a lot, but you just waste all yours and
They'll forget your name soon (name soon)
And won't nobody be to blame but yourself, yeah"


Ciara - 1, 2 step

"so retarded, top charted, ever since the day I started"


Cupcakke - Money

"'Cause I'm that model type, while your girl shopping at plus size" 


Cupcakke - Money

"M-O-N-E-Y, it really keeps me fly till the day I'm gonna die
I'm layin' in my grave with my money on the side
As long as I got money baby, I'ma still rise"

 she was homeless (I think) when she wrote it :cuca5:

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