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The Boy

Are you fashionable?

Camila was supposed to perform at the VMAs NEVER FORGET   

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you?

    • Yes, put me on Vogue
    • Nope!
    • my taste and what i actually wear are different because of $$$

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2 minutes ago, AngryAzalean said:

YASSS I think so, I've actually been very into fashion lately, it's a new hobby of mine :wendy27:

Imma post some pics soon if I can remember to :trisha3:

Yesss you better!! yXUzG4n.gif

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Tbh I dont care about fashion at all. But thats not because I dont have money. As I can easily pay normal clothes.

But I'm pretty picky when it comes to clothes shopping as I dont like to wear white, black, grey and brown. I only wear these colours for work. 
I mostly wear blue, yellow, red, green, orange and other nice colours. And if the colours arent fashion, I simply dont buy clothes. There were years I didnt buy new clothes at all :laughcry: 

I often find clothes I do like to wear in second handed stores :) 

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13 minutes ago, Cyrus said:



That green bomber Jacket, the classic black choker, those wife ankle jeans. Not to mention the ripped jeans with that jacket Gucci sweater. Queen of clothes. :wendy39:

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