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Taylor Swift Copies AGAIN?

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So ever since I had listened to Look What You Made Me Do, I had the sense it reminded me of something. I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was but I knew I had heard something like it before. And then today, I remembered. 


so in the end, it reminded me of a Lizzy Grant song from 2009 called Brite Lites

especially at 1:58 where the song switches up

also this song :wendy11:


keep in mind this isn't me bashing taylor it's me pointing out the songs sound similar. i can't be the only one who hears it, right? :wendyk:

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1 minute ago, Ms. Knee said:

The way she like talks the lyrics in different tones reminds me of this 

look at what you made me do we all found out :wendyk:

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