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The iconic annual VMAs will take place this year on August the 28th. The deadline has officially passed, which means that MTV are currently looking at who or what should be nominated. Discuss what you expect from the show and the videos that you think should be nominated below :wendy11:

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John Wayne and Slumber Party will probably get snubbed so don't set your expectations so high.

There ain't no iconic video so even Shape of You can get "Video of the Year".

I hope for Kesha and Christina performances. Maybe also a medley from Christina if she gets the Vanguard.

Selena, Demi & Miley will most likely perform (hopefully Miley performs her new single as she's boring af atm)

I definitely don't wanna hear Despacito there. Would love a Zara or Dua performance if they get nominated. Maybe Rita Ora, Camila, Liam and Shawn would be ok. I don't wanna hear Charlie Poo(t) either. :wendytea:

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