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The Fame Monster hits 1B Spotify streams!

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4 minutes ago, CUZiCAN said:

The legendary album "The Fame Monster" by singer, songwriter, actress and hit-maker Lady Gaga hits 1B streams and is the first female album from the 200's to achieve that!

An ancient legend. :wendyw:

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2 hours ago, CarlySlayJepsen said:

If she released Dance In The Dark as a single she would be first artist in general to have 1B streams on an album from 00s, but she decided to sleep on that Grammy-nominated bop :wendycant: Too bad Again Again isn't on Spotify, Queen of releasing bops for UK, Ireland and Japan :gretchen15: 

She had a lot of hits already tbh, it would've been a "Marry the Night" sized hit tbh.

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