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Shania Twain wants to collab with Nicki Minaj...

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The proof is here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/shania-now-gorgeous-album?utm_term=.ng02gQVJ3#.uvz1kmxVn


Shania Twain, the Queen of Country Pop wants to collaborate with Ms. Nicki.


I can't even begin to comprehend how that would sound :roserun: 


But that's why Shania is the Queen of Country Pop - she's unpredictable :jan5: 

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3 minutes ago, TeamCardiB said:

A classy, talented legend...wants to collab with a talentless, gimmicky, trashy rapper?

What kinda warped universe? :roseshook: 


2 minutes ago, Jenna said:

Shania Twain cancelled forever & is being put to a blacklist as we speak.

I hope Lady Gaga and Sia collab with Nicki :wendy27:

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