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Ray of Light

Make an EP out of ''Rebel Heart'' Songs

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I got jealous and I wanted to make my own thread for Madonna's Rebel Heart.

You can include ''Deluxe, and EP'' songs too.

I'll start first. :wendy24:

1. Beautiful Scars (EP Song)

2. Living For Love

3. Rebel Heart (Deluxe)

4. Ghosttown

5. Graffiti Heart (EP Song)

6. Autotune Baby ( I think it's bonus track on Rebel Heart German version :wendy24: )

Songlists of Rebel Heart and Rebel Heart EP






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  1. Joan of Arc;
  2. Ghosttown;
  3. Rebel Heart;
  4. Iconic;
  5. Veni Vedi Vici;
  6. Hold Tight.

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