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Emma Spears

Which MV is the worst?

Worst MV: Swish Swish, Make Me, or Sparks (Original Version)?  

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  1. 1. Which MV is the worst?

    • Sparks (Tinder Version)
    • Make Me
    • Swish Saish

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I would say Swish Swish. The video feels like a missed opportunity to do something better, which is anyway a recurring theme for the whole Witness era. The special effects are tacky and cheap, not something you would expect from a Katy Perry video. The only good parts are the ones with Nicki, the rest is mediocre.

Sparks was a bad video only because of the Tinder promotion but if you don't focus on that you can see how Hilary is actually serving looks and aesthetic.

Make Me is disappointing because we all know how great the original version was. The video isn't that bad, it's certainly not good but I would consider it strongly underwhelming considering it's a lead single. I liked the hotties in it, I disliked the parts where they talk too much.

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1 hour ago, Emma Spears said:

This phone is totally broken......I can totally fix it for you......fix it for meeeeee

Pretty Girls might be a shit song but the video was great, the costume, the narrative it was all very parody like, doesn't mean it was a bad video :wendy19:

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