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Daily Mail commenters DRAG, TAG N BAG Sicki Garbaj hard by ha frayed edges

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I'm living for the top comments on this article :lmfao:



"She's vile"

"How much more vulgar can she get? Pure trash"

"Surely that will just put women off buying her products?"

"Trash bag put it away"

"When is her 15 minutes of fame ever going to end?"

"Yuck. Tacky American dross"


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5 minutes ago, MARIAHSECRETLEAKS said:

He's big mad that nicki will always be more relevant than Sia :wendy23:


More relevant where though? On xtube? Lads magazines? Yeah i'm SO mad that Icki has more relevance in a toilet stall being jerked off to and getting semen blasted over her photo


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19 minutes ago, AngryAzalean said:

Daily Flop commenters are the worst, there never happy with there own lives for a start :wendy15:

Yeah like, are you actually surprised by these comments? Daily Mail ALWAYS has such condescending comments. I'm surprised that you're surprised.

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