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Jiftip: condom alternative that seals the tip of the penis

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A company called Jiftip is banking on men hating condoms so much that they’ll use a sticker to seal the tip of their penises shut instead.

Yep, we’re cringing too. The polyurethane film with an adhesive on one side is designed to block the opening of the penis, keeping pre-ejaculate and ejaculate fluids inside during sex. The idea "began as a desperate attempt to avoid using condoms," according to Jiftip’s website, which sells the stickers for $2 each. Wearers apply one before sex, then face a doozy of a choice: ejaculate with the penis sealed, or remove the sticker before ejaculating to finish the deed… elsewhere.


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The whole point of not using condoms is so that you feel more during sex (outside of making babies of course) :asmrchew4: and the whole idea behind sex for men is that it stimulates the nerves in our tip :asmrchew4: so there's pretty much no point in using this because keeping your foreskin exposed won't change anything :asmrchew4: Nobody wins :asmrchew4:

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