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One Of The Boys

Your Faves Most Controversial Moments

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katy said n*gga to a black guy in paris and he exposed ha the day bon appetit was getting critized & the obama black hair comment ... :brad: she was also called a homophobic for the collab w/ migos :brad: she was also called a jew hater because the dress she wore to the met gala was made by a nazi member :brad: A MESS WEEK ... ha career will never be the same :umwat:

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2 hours ago, Witness said:

Most of our faves have probably had a PR nightmare before like this, so feel free to post your faves! Here's Katys... Everyone thought she was a racist after this 


I never understood how this was bad. She's literally liberal. She likes Obama. She hates Trump. She meant things change as in sometimes things happen that you may not like (such as a president you don't approve of)

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