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Why is Younger Now flopping? Bon Appetit 2.0?

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It's a travesty of epic proportions :trisha: 

The GP claim to love this new Miley and that she's "going back to her roots" yet they don't buy/stream the song???

Us stans can only try so hard unfortunately but man me personally i'm loving vibing to this song right now and I don't understand :(

Help out sis Miley she deserves our love with this new era :x

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4 hours ago, Bleh said:

It's a good song. :trisha13:

Bon appetite deserved to flop because of migos.

bon appetit is better than younger now. 


to the topic, people aren't buying this new image of miley. in every single one of her interviews she talks about how she's not bangerz miley anymore like okay lol. and the younger now video looks like a meghan trainor mess. do not get me started on the elvis tribute ?? she tryna please her white stans so bad 

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It's a nice song but just not strong enough to be a single and train an album. Younger Now compared to Wrecking Ball disappears into oblivion.

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