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Taylucifer has to be the fakest, snakest, fake wakest bitch ever!

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2 minutes ago, TeamCardiB said:

Is this bitch seriously launching a new era right after the courtcase where she came out looking like her shit don't stink again? 

I fucking can't.

She is SO contrived. 

EVERYTHING is planned.

I can just imagine her sitting at the head of a board table looking down at her advisors and saying "Right. I've got a new single coming out in September and I need my America's Sweetheart title back before that happens. What do you all plan to do about it?" with one of them perking up "How about a sexual assault case?"



DRAG HA :lmfao: 

READ HA :jan1: 



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12 minutes ago, TeamCardiB said:

That moron made herself look bad all on her own though :lmfao: 

'lucifer just sat back and let her destroy haself. That was another strategic move.

The media crucified her into another dimension though :lips: They were even calling her a neo-nazi for wearing a dress designed by someone that said something anti-semitic during the stone age :lips: and who would do that but the devil herself? eRtby.gif


Kinda jk but someone was making those phone calls behind the scenes :lips:


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Just now, DREAMPOP said:

when your fav is getting dragged for dear life and you change your avi 


@me I don't see any drags.

Idc what this flop Australian has to say, he's probably just pissed that 1989 went diamond in his country and she had a sold out tour over there.

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