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5 Seconds of Summer EXPOSEDT

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I know I don't get to say much bc I used to stan 1D, but why y'all actin' brand new? :dafuk: I thought it was a WW known facT that most of those boy bands with young str8 white members are problematic as fuck :utriedit: 


Also why are we acting like we care, they have that one hit that I don't know and that's pretty much it so lets forget them


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14 hours ago, moonlightgrande said:

this has to be fake. How could they all be leaked

That's what I thought but it's so realistic so no one even in the comments in questioning it 

14 hours ago, EliteFourBrad said:

Well, how was it?

Sis I didn't actually master bait :wendy22: But thinking about it...:seltaco:

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