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Are Women Lowkey Winning

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I think Women in music are not flopping as we think

1.Katy debuted in BB200 186k #1

2.Lorde debuted in BB200 111k #1

3.SZA debuted in BB200 89k #3(that's good 4 the music she release)

4.Baldsey( as much as I hate to say) debuted BB200 108k

5.Kesha will debut with 120k or more

6.Lana Dick Rey with 110k #1( beating the shit out of the guys)

7.D!cnk is probably coming for #1 with big sales( As much as I hate to say)

8.Snakelor Swift obvious

They are actually winning:clap:

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Debuting with not even 200k copies isn't winning... Plus, the BB Hot 100 is almost exclusively male this year. Not even one female song got to #1 this year and the highest peaking ones (IDWLF and Wild Thoughts) aren't female leading songs.

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