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I was just browsing the forums, I signed up today and have been posting a bit but I thought Id say an official hello! I'm from Sydney, Australia

I looove Britney, Lady Gaga, Fergie (Currently obsessed), Madonna and a few others, I think I'd make this post so long if I posted them all here! 

I'm on last.fm so follow me if you want and I'll follow you back https://www.last.fm/user/misterdanielesk x

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7 minutes ago, Warrior Prince said:

Another slaying member from slaying Australia! Welcome!!:party:

haha, yesss! Im seeing a few Australians around on the forum!


5 minutes ago, Jukebox Sweetheart said:

I looove you


love you too

10 minutes ago, CarlySlayJepsen said:

make sure you visit stanbases and battlegrounds to spill some hawt Tea

I'll check these out.

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