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Would you rather be an 80s popstar or a popstar today ?

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Just now, Sempiternal said:

But its amazing i mean look at it

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:gretchen8: :gretchen8:

Tho males in the 80s were hot. Its the woman that looked awful

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80s goths are pretty cool tho



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Today's and here are the reasons baby.:wendy19:

1.U are more free to show more skin on MVs without bieng banned

2.U dont have to dance ur ass off in shows-That Bayonse and Fadgas Job.(Wear a thong and lip sync)

3.U don't have to destroy ur pipes trying to belt monstorous notes(Auto tune is the way)

4.There are more ways to get fans(Show ur booty on IG,Twitter, FB,Snap Chat..Advertise ur booty)-Horny Teens will hit follow

5.If u ugly..ur career is not over...(Transform into a silicon doll and get coins)

6.Ur lyrics don't have to complicated..( Talk about receiving Vienna's and sausages..ur song will be top ten)

Get me baby:wendy19:

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Just now, WhosThatBoy said:

If I'm ugly my creer is not over because people want talent, not sex and looks.


Give me an example of an ugly 80s pop star? Even if there was no social media people still knew what you looked like. Also, explain how one direction became big when only two of the members look good!

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