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P!nk and Eminem Collab soon?

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Found this on reddit it said 


So I live in Michigan close to Detroit and there's this really popular radio station here. Channel 95.5, its the most listened to radio channel in Michigan. Well they have a radio talk show called Mojo in the Morning, and on my way home from work I was listening to it, and the main dude Mojo was like "So the boss of our radio station just got back from New York, and he had a chance to listen to some of the new Eminem album, and there's another collab with Pink and he said it was amazing, and that's it's going to be out really soon!" Hearing this made my heart race lmao! I was NOT expecting to hear any news about the new album. It sounds like it's right around the corner now

Video proof?

I hope so this could really be a smash if done right so I won't get my hopes up to much But i'm excited





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