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The Boy

how to resize youtube player on Safari

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I know that the big youtube videos can be annoying so here's a way to make it smaller, but I think this method will only work for Safari browsers because I tried doing it on chrome and failed. 

Maybe someone who is more knowledgeable with this kind of stuff can eventually figure out how to do it on other browsers.

Hope it works for one person at least LOL :wendy25:

The Tutorial 


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4 minutes ago, Cyrus said:

We love a talented and useful man :gretchen13:



5 minutes ago, Believe In Furler said:

Imagine using safari in 2017 tho :niggawat:

asfgdhd I knew this was coming :wendy26:


3 minutes ago, bee said:

I was excited because my threads look so ugly with big youtube videos, but safari is soo gross. @admins fix it fats

well if you're going to be picky then I guess you're just gonna have to deal with ugly looking threads :wendy13: but I agree it should be fixed. They're way too big.

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