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pop girls' last.fm artist pictures are being changed to Pokemon

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so far I've seen

Taylor as Arbok
Adele as Snorlax
Florence as Mismagius
Beyonce as Vespequin
Britney as Oddish
Christina as Loudred
Lana as Jigglypuff
Ellie as Seel
HAIM as Dodrio
Demi as Scyther
Foxes as Fennekin
Birdy as Pidgey (who?)
Lorde as Gothitelle
Gaga as Malamar
Kesha as Trubbish (RIP)
Rihanna as Meloetta
Sia as Chandelure
Nicki as Jynx
Katy as Slurpuff
Mariah as Miltank
Miley as Lickitung
Ariana as Umbreon
Marina as Diancie

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