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Eurovision is coming to Asia!

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The Greatest Song Contest on Earth…

…is coming to Asia!

With its brilliant pop stars, its glamorous fashion, and a huge passion for pop music, Asia and Eurovision are made for each other.

We are in development to make this exciting international song contest happen, and we need your help!

We want you to tell us about your favourite Asian music, your favourite singers, songwriters, and who you would love to see perform on the stage of Eurovision Asia.

It will only succeed with the support of Asian pop lovers like you. Who should compete? Who will win? We would love to know what the fans want

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That name sound ridiculous to me Eurovision Asia Song Contest.:wat: Why not just Asiavision Song Contest??

I doubt I'll watch it but I liked the idea even when they were talking about it nearly 10 years ago.

And I hope Australia will finally move there and won't fill the spaces in our Euromeditarrenian contest.

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So they're having a seperate contest with just Asian countries right?

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