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Any Gallant 'Ology' Fans?

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Anyone else stan this flawless album?! I'm prob one of the only ones (waiting for all the "hew?" comments), but lowkey hoping some people check out this Grammy nominated masterpiece. Treat yourselves!



1. First
2. Talking to Myself 
3. Shotgun
4. Bourbon
5. Bone + Tissue
6. Oh, Universe
7. Weight in Gold
8. Episode
9. Miyazaki
10. Counting
11. Percogesic
12. Jupiter
13. Open Up
14. Skipping Stones (feat. Jhené Aiko)
15. Chandra


 Soundcloud Stream:


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Just now, One Of The Boys said:

I've only listened to Skipping Stones and Weight In Gold around the time it came out and I loved them. I haven't listened to the rest tho

Listen to the album!! Treat yourself!!!! Love yourself!!

If you wanna start somewhere else before going all in with Ology, 'Bourbon' is def a fan favorite. Also Talking to Myself


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