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What's the meanest thing you were ever told?

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wasn't really told, It's really stupid but i'm colourblind and in about Year 1 at school i didn't know this. We had to do some colouring in of some picture and i coloured the sun green and orange. We had a sub teacher and she literally said it was wrong and threw it out. To this fucking day it's the only thing i remember from my early schooling

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That I was a vile, manipulative bully that likes to play the victim. And that nobody liked me because I was an intolerable POS.


As if I'd ever play the victim, I own up to the shit I say :wendy4: 

and we been knew that nobody likes me, it ain't news to anyone :ravenknows:

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Basically by members on atrl telling me to kill myself in NHB and i got banned instead of them because i was already feeling surcidal they were like "just do it already nobody here even cares about you" this very day this member is still being privillage hiding in the kpop thread honestly i dont even know why i still use it. Yeh recently too ive been getting death treats snd rumours going around getting lots of people to dislike me. 

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