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Britney Spears

Britney Spears | B10 | TBA

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Release date: TBA

Genre: Pop

Just wanted to open a Topic for B10 already since Britney has confirmed it two times already that she's working on it. Even tho it's not going to be released this year.? 

It could be a Greatest Hits with only a few  new Songs since she's going to be in the industry for 20 years next year. But I'm hoping for a new Album. ? I hope they'll prepare something big for the next era (Superbowl, big promo etc.). She's leaving Vegas this year so it could be possible that she's going on Tour again. The working title is rumored to be "20" lmfao

What do yall think???

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Ugh I hope she doesn't go with 20 as the title :notimpressed: That works for a Greatest Hits but not a new album


A release in 2018 should be a solid pure pop album, not another Greatest Hits. I know it's been 8 years since her last official one, but she's had literally 4 hits since then. 5 if you include Scream & Shout.

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