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Femme Fetale is the best pop album of 2010s

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The bop stiff queen really delivered on FootFetish Fetale. The robot gave us undeniable bops like Hold It Against Me,TTWE,Criminal,Big Fat Bass,Wanna Go and Beautiful Drop DeadALLYVMA.gif.6596488bb3ab8423f8b95738b2995321.gif

Beefney Steers gave us a masterpiece that deserved more success. The way it aged, it sounda even fresher than Joanne combined with sweetener

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Not sure about best pop album of 2010's, that was such a huge era in music so it's tough competition, but no one can tell me it's a bad album, because it's not, bop after BOP, hardly any filler, which is difficult to achieve especially with dance-pop, there's usually quite a few fillers in those albums but Max Martin, Britney and Dr Luke SNAPPED, PERIOD! :nickiscream:

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