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hotshot/Vishal IS PEDO PETE

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10 minutes ago, Elusive Loverboy said:

It is. It's called catfishing sis. That pic wasn't really him.

He shared other pics with me, he claimed he was scouted as a CK model but never got through and showed me pics from the photoshoot... 

I feel sick

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4 minutes ago, Craig said:

I am so confused :britgurlbye:  How did he get away with this for so long?

Well the dupe thing we have to check probably didn't catch it cause he was banned as pete before it was put in place, and also us feeling safe with it made us a little too lax when checking for dupes :somepoints:

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3 minutes ago, Elusive Loverboy said:

We do have proof of him sexually harassing multiple users in this forum and asking for nudes, since you seem certain he's innocent.

Parents need to protect their children from pedophiles. Perfect solution: keep them off the internet. It's a reasonable assumption that everyone you interact with is legal unless they explicitly state that they are minors. Tumblr removing NSFW material because children infest the internet ruins the internet for adults. I can already picture parents suing pornhub for exposing children to NSFW material and can almost promise that eventually, pornhub will be taken down, too. 

Sorry for this tangent. But kids can avoid ever being exposed to pedophiles. I had a flip phone well into my teens and I survived without internet, and pedos never tried to groom me. It's not impossible for parents to control their kids, and if it is, dont have them. 

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