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Burning Up

Madonna - American Life |Megarate| RESULTS

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Welcome to American Life Megarate!


1.Submit your scores to @Burning Up via PM by February 16th

2. Rate each song from album from 1-10, and choose a favourite one to give it 11

3.You MUST give each song a score, submitting an 11 is optional but you may only give a max of (ONE) 11.

4. Results will be avaliable on February 17th 



  1. American Life  

  2. Hollywood

  3. I'm so Stupid

  4. Love Profusion

  5. Nobody Knows Me

  6. Nothing Fails

  7. Intervention

  8. X-Static Process

  9. Mother and Father 

  10. Die Another Day

  11. Easy Ride


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