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Britney Jean Is An Under-Rated Album!

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Hello COP, today I would like to discuss the Britney Album that is named Britney Jean 


I think that this album is very under-rated. It has gotten better with time and it has a lot of bops like Body Ache, It Should Be Easy, Tik Tik Boom and Chillin’ With You.

Some of these tracks would be killer at a party! 

I am not saying this is her best album, or on the same level as Femme Fatale or Blackout but it is actually a good album and it has some good tracks that are are enjoyable to listen to.



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Britney Jean was a cute girl, yes. But it's definitely not a great album or anything. For me it only has a few listenable tracks and it aged like milk sitting out on the sidewalk during a Louisiana summer.

I still fw Alien, Perfume, and Passenger ... but das basically it. 

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