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Blue Sunshine

Natural Reclamation

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This thread is NOT brought to you by Blue's fixation with creepy shit/too much tv. Kinda.


I was actually listening to a story on a podcast and it mentioned urban exploration. I'm sure y'all know what that is, peeps go tramping around in old abandoned buildings and take photos/footage (the quote in my signature is actually something found scrawled on a wall in an abandoned hospital somewhere up north). The results of said explorations are often times heartbreakingly beautiful. The way the buildings just slowly wither and crumble from the lack of upkeep. 

But this got me thinking about the kinda opposite of urban decay, natural reclamation. When Mother Nature decides to take back the land and anything still standing in her path. I have always been in awe of how beautifully the land can just take things back, regardless of what's standing in it's way ...

So, basically ... I just wanted to share some pictures I've enjoyed finding online of natural reclamation at it's finest. Hopefully y'all will like it. If not, das cool too. It ain't for everyone.

This is one of my favorites:


Some more:




Anyone else enjoy this breath-taking natural phenomenon? Or any other kinda of natural phenomenon? 

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