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Pixelated Kunt

HDD: Billboard may add YouTube streams to album charts

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Billboard hasn’t seen an end to the clusterfuck around its chart calculations. The 6ix9ine-Travis Scott kerfuffle brought a lot to the surface about the Bible’s chart difficulties, notably the lack of transparency among certain entities reporting to Nielsen. The rules of engagement are not the same for all as regards capped streams, with SoundCloud by far the worst offender. Meanwhile, YouTube will probably end up reporting video streams (though not views of user-generated content) to the album chart, weighted in a way that’s comparable to Spotify’s ad-supported tier.


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2 minutes ago, AmazingAzalean said:

Not sure how to feel about this...could work against us since pop gets less YouTube views than urban music? Maybe it doesnt matter...

It doesn't really make a difference to be honest. 10 million views is only a few thousand copies

my only complaint is how this will put alternative/indie artists out of relevancy from the charts 

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