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Which Singers Would You Most Like To Hang Out With?

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With what singers would you most enjoy hanging out with? 

Here are my choices:

Meghan Trainor - Homegirl is so sweet and down to earth, we would have so much fun

Nicki Minaj - She is an iconic queen and we could trash talk Cardi together :seeyouincourt:

Austin Mahone - Obvious reasons, although I would like to do more than hang out 😘

Max George and Siva from The Wanted - Both are very hot and seem like cool guys

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David Cook and Justin Furstenfeld ... both for the same reason. I’ve met them before and would like to actually spend time with them, maybe get inside their minds a little bit ... see how they work. 


I do not mean that in the way in which the quote in my signature may suggest ... 


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Dannii Minogue. There used to be a fan blog called Dannii’s Dirty Box that focused on what a mess she was behind the scenes, like, all of her holidaying in Ibiza, bouncing from guy to guy and partying in Sydney in the 90s. And there was a story a few years ago about her confronting her own stalker with a knife. So she seems like she’d be a bit of a messy person overall, but in a fun way. Total opposite of how Kylie comes off, which is more regal and proper. 

Maybe 90s Madonna before all of that Kabbalah shit happened and she wasn’t so concerned with that “earth mother” persona she started to put on and was fine with seeming like a total bitch. 

That’s all.

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