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Are the anti-vaccination people the most disgusting creatures alive?

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3 minutes ago, Believe In Furler said:

Yes. They're disgusting. They risk other childrens lives just because they read some mid life crisis mother's blog that vaccinations cause Autism (which isn't even a bad disorder either)

as someone that has autism I agree with this statement. there are other causes for children to get it (especially during pregnancy) and if vaccinations were the case then these soccer mom's need to explain why are more men diagnosed with it than women 


OT: people that think that way are just stupid, some even use their religious beliefs to not consider it because they're against science 

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vaccines are never proven to actually work, they might do but it has not been proven. the reason most deseases that the so called vaccines protect you from are hardly here is due too vastly improved hygene and living standards.

also from personal experiences i can say vaccines do not always work for everyone i had 2 deseases the basic vaccines should prevent you from getting but hey i still got them.


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