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ZEDD & Katy Perry | 365 | OUT NOW

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4 hours ago, Craig said:

She was never gone :icant: 

This hopefully will be a bop, KEEP IT IF ITS ANOTHER STAY OR IN THE MIDDLE


4 hours ago, AmazingAzalean said:

I guess the rumors are true :trishabawl: i hope Zedd pulls through cuz Stay and The Middle are tiiireddd, im not getting my hopes up :jan1:


4 hours ago, Minaj à Trois said:

I'm ready for this

:clap: :clap: :clap: 


3 hours ago, DREAMPOP said:




300K first week SPS incoming :deadbanana2: !!!!!!!

legend Katy is back omggggg :icant: I- 




1 hour ago, Jimmyxcx said:

It’s about damn time omg I’m hype for this bop :wendydance:


22 minutes ago, Zachary said:



omfg this is perfect for her to win the locals backT!

she BEST have long hair in the music video :icant:


18 minutes ago, Khris said:

SHE'S BACKKKKK :beybawl:

This leaked already. Do any of you have it? Please share

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2 minutes ago, Lucky said:

Then you clearly haven't been looking around.

I have... and nothing 

If people do claim to have it, its probably fake. Where are the reciepts to suggest that it has leaked?

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