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Pixelated Kunt

Artists you think can make a 25+ track album good?

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i feel like it depends on if the artist is trying to present some sort of storyline that requires the use of interludes, intros, outros, skits, spoken tracks, ambience noise, etc. (a concept album)

cuz if they are then i feel like they can go ahead and do that since they have a storyline that might captivate the listener and distract them from the album's length

if not then i feel like the album might get boring after a while of listening with the unlikely exception that the artist is extremely talented vocally or as a songwriter, or if the production is sonically captivating but otherwise i feel like if we're talking in terms of a normal studio album with 25 tracks, it's really something that might backfire as some people might view the length of the album as a turnoff from something that they might not necessarily want to buy or listen to.

Another exception imo would be a compilation or a greatest hits album, where usually there's little to no new material and the tracklist comprises of the most sonically appealing or commercially successful songs throughout an artist's career.

We also have to take into account song length, you could have a 10 track albums and have all the songs have an average track length of say, 10 minutes, and have the album be ~100 minutes long (1 hour and 40 minutes) yet you can have a 20 track album but have the average track length be 2 minutes which if we do the math, gives us an album with a running time of roughly only 40 minutes, which is less than half the running time of the former.

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No one. A 25+ album is too much tbh.


However, I want a 25+ album from Marina for all the years I've been waiting for this bitch to release something. :nickiscream:

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