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King or Queen

Is Lady Gaga the tackiest pop star to debut this century ?

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6 minutes ago, King or Queen said:

Madonna didnt debut this century. Also if she is the best you can come up with it's clear Gaga is the tackiest. 

oh yeah, she didn't this century. whatever, my point still stands that she is tackier than Gaga 

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5 minutes ago, WeKeepOnRockin said:

Madonna debuted within a century so that counts for something.

Clearly i touched a nerve. do you stan her? 

This century (the 2000s) started in the year 2000 or the 21st which began in 2001. 

Madonna debuted in the 1900s or the 20th century. 

And my nerves are just fine. 

So you cannot come up with anyone who debuted this century tackier than Gaga? Thought so. 

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