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Riding The M-Train!

Church Of Jacksons

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Do you stan the Jackson family?

They are HUGE and so many of them have had showbiz careers

My favourite apart from Michael would be Queen La Toya, she slays and her reality TV show was iconic

Image result for life with la toya

Do you like the Jacksons? Who are your favourites?

Image result for jackson full family photo


Also, don't forget the iconic Bubbles the monkey

Image result for bubbles the monkey gif

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2 minutes ago, Minaj à Trois said:

Haha, the clue's in her name :tehe:

Michael used to help write and produce her music

I love her personality <3 

1.  I didnt know she had a talk show i only knew her cause of the memes LOL

2. I really only knew Michael and janet, the rest I didnt really ever look into, and Michaels kids from the various scandals in the past

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