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so hello i tagged this as returning member cuz i had made this account a year ago but used it one every like 6 months kskskssk

so yeah i never did a proper introduction so here it issss hopefully we can all be friends

What is your name?

my name is juan or juano, it depends whether u wanna sound more formal (former) or casual (latter) so u can call me either 🤪
Where are you from?

i am from puerto rico (island gyal island gyal)
Who do you stan?

these days i mostly stan mariah carey and ariana grande, but i also stan lady gaga, cupcakke, marina diamandis, and camila cabello
Do you have any other hobbies?


Is there anything else you'd like to share?

buy Caution

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6 hours ago, Winter Bird said:

Hey!! I'm from Puerto Rico also and I love Marina. We should meet someday, there aren't many Marina stans here. <3



omg our minds 😍

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