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Botney Needs To Be Put In A Retirement Home ASAP

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1 hour ago, Craig said:

You talk about being delusional, yet havent looked at yourself in the mirror :whereisit:

I gave u receipts from Award Shows,big Publications and famous reviewers.
Judging by them, Britney has a lot of critical acclaim.Especially since her show is the 4th biggest residency ever.
U are the only one here being pressed and acting like Gaga already outdid every artist in Vegas.

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On 12/29/2018 at 8:15 PM, Sonii said:


We are laughing at u monsters for Karma hitting u back with the "CHained to Vegas" comments :laughcry:

Yall drag Britney's performance skill and when we do the same with Gaga, yall yell "acclaimed!1!"
"Botney" has been there done that too but yall still try and act like u know better than critics:


even the revamp did well


The show even won Best Residency and Overall Show
Also Best Residency,Vegas Personality,Resident Performer,Bachelorette Party,Production show and Bachellor party on several occasions.

She got a Britney Day ffs :lmfao:

and is still credited for bringing your fav and other artists into the Vegas gig+young people to Vegas+ your favs even attended


I mean...the facts dont lie and we do "compute" with them @Craig ;)
We've gone thru enough meltdowns for our fav in those 20 years, a cocky fanbase of a Fad isn't going to make us lose our shit like yalls are rn :laughcry:

I mean..I gave u the receipts and everything, it's up to u to decide if ya want to continue spewing hate~

Omg wow, you have completely snapped! Britney well and truly SLAYED!

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