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Amanda Bynes


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hey uglies (jk)! my pronouns are she/her but people love to refer to me as that bitch because I AM that bitch.

I'm new on this site (looks awesome btw, love the design, the purple theme, those little little extra touches, really well donee) although I think the logo could've been better, not that it's ugly, but I would love it of it had some colors in it, you know, I mean, it's in black and white and it screams "pretentious", "boring" etc...  which is the total opposite when I see some of the posts here. this place seems very joyful, fun and cool. I actually love this place I'm so glad I moved in here. the other forum was too strict and DULL, discussions here seem more festive. I hope it stays that way. we love some positivity and a good kiki. however... I love riding things like bikes, motorcycles, bicycles and dick-bicycles, I love drawing, listening to music, watching movies... yeah I pretty much enjoy anything that doesn't request a lot of energy. But I ain't lazy tho. I'm a very hard working woman who gets her salary monthly and pays her taxes, like a good citizen should.  I am currently single, I live in a house in LA. I think it's haunted. Don't laugh at me. I think a ghost just flicked my v**** as I'm typing this... Oh, nvm its my doggo. Anyway, I think there's a family of ghosts in my house. I do talk and have casual conversations with them at 3 am because... why not? People say it's weird but if we're allowed to own guns, why not talk with ghosts? speaking of, does anyone get weird pegging vibes from Drake? I think he's into that I read it somewhere. ugh he can murder my puci anyday. I also think horror movies and Mila Kunis are overrated. no offense but it's so bleak like... why would u watch something that's only gonna get your adrenaline level sky high? I believe in conspiracy theories and aliens. I think Ariana is in some Illuminati kind of cult. No shade I stan her music but she legit looks like an evil bitch. I love poppers and liquid soap is the only soap I acknowledge

i stan the one and only Amanda Bynes (whom I share a lot of things in common)

and fuck pomegranates.

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14 minutes ago, Elusive Loverboy said:

Hey sus. Welcome to the forum! Just out of curiosity, how did you hear about us?

Millie Bobby Brown told me to sign up here if I didn't want to get floored.

12 minutes ago, Oh My Gaga said:

LMAO you’re so iconic, love you already! Hope you like it here dahhhling :love: 


11 minutes ago, phoenixstar said:

welcome :rly:


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