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Ahmazing Queen Meda

Justin Bieber looking 12 and serving adorable face in new pic

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Sixth graders every where im sorry, I’m so sorry a ugly ass wrinkly meth addicted bitch would even say this oh my god. 


He looks like a trailer park DOG chained to a mobile home with no fence who attacks passers by because his owners dont feed him enough and he’s STARVING. 

Fix your nose 

fix your forehead

and fix those absolutely ATROCIOUS tattoos you’ve polluted your body with! 

Send this drug addict BACK to Canada with a maple scented postage STAMP

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7 minutes ago, Pmkkardashian said:

Don’t play with me. 

These scallywags STAY coming for gagas nose and it’s more streamline and less bumpy that this off road faced loser 

No shade but I don't think people say Gaga has a big nose because it's bumpy but because it's very long and so is her face in general


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22 minutes ago, GiveUpLocalMix said:

i believed i was the first on this forum to call him that :jan1: 

ICE dealer specifically

Oh I remember that! He does look like one. :jan1:


Better than looking like a homeless tho, his long hair made him look like he didn't showered in days. 

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