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Ariana’s Thank U, Next MV Will Be Iconic Early ‘00s Movies Themed

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Bring it on theme


Legally blonde 


Liz gillies & Daniella Monet from victorious will also appear:

Credit to @granderuled on twitter (the user made a thread but then deleted it)

Here’s what we know:

Gabi DeMartino , a youtuber known to copy Ariana’s fashion, hair, makeup, etc will be in the mv 



Kim kardashian will be in the mv:



This background of this selfie looks similar to Regina George’s house



Also the above selfie Ariana’s hair and top is similar to the film 13 going on 30

There will be cliques:


The guy who played Aaron Samuels in the original movie will be in it:


Plus, Ariana has posted a bunch of mean girls pics on he r insta story and latest ig posts (click spoi ler ) :




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