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Elusive Loverboy

What's your dream job?

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13 hours ago, Islamriah said:

I would love to be a songwriter and singer. I love to write music and sing as much as possible.

I also wouldn't mind being a journalist. I think that would be really cool and interesting.

I SWEAR we we're separated at birth or smthn because I literally wanna do the same thing as you, although I quit on the journalist thing a couple years ago but I was still interested in it, just didn't wanna go to university :lipstick: ugh our minds!

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Author and my books get turned into movies and Zac Efron is cast to play me and in order to play the role to the best of his abilities he has me on (and off :demilip:) set to learn my mannerisms and quirks and he realizes he’s a closeted homosexual and he professes his love for me and we live in Maui while he takes on small indie roles and I continue to write and we raise our children (dogs) and die together in a hospital bed like the notebook 

Ya know, nothing fancy. I’m a simple kinda gal 

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