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Pixelated Kunt

Toy Story 4 | June 21st | Official Trailer Out Now

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Teaser Trailer #2

Ducky & Bunny voiced by Key & Peele! Coming June 21, 2019!

This was so cute and funny "you can't go to infinity dummy, you don't know nothin' bout science" :cloud9:

Can't wait to push people's children out my way as I get to my seat! Toy Story is for the adults! :yaay:

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Wow I was not expecting the concept for TS4 to be so basic and random... Also sporks can come alive :deadbanana: 

I'll probably still go see it for nostalgia. But that trailer tells me we should've stopped at TS3.

But Disney is planning to take everyone's money (as usual) with the superhero, live action and animated movies.

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