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Why does Ariana's collabs...

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Why does Ariana's collabs (songs shes featured on) always flop? By flop I mean by her standards as her stuff always goes well.

Some examples

Dance To This (Didn't chart)
Bed (Peaked at #42)
Beauty and the Beast (Peaked at #87)
Heatstroke (Peaked at #96)
Adore (Peaked at #94)
Get on your Knees (Peaked at #88) - Wasn't a single

The only successful collab I can think of is Bang Bang


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19 minutes ago, Heartsigh said:

Get on your knees shoulda been a single and bed should of done better..those 2 songs are better then some of her solo stuff tbh.



I don't think GOYK would have done well as a single unless they sent it to Fifty Shades of Grey

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